8 Powerful reasons why people love to travel

    At some point in life, everyone gets an urge to travel around the world. The reasons for travel desires are different and personal for everyone. A week or month-long holiday to a beach or mountain destination, meeting new people, and new experiences is a life-changing affair. Here are eight compelling reasons why people love to travel.

    1. Expanding your perspective

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    A society of like-minded people surround us at home and at work where people of similar mindset like you constrict your mind to specific thoughts and imaginations. travelling gives a new perspective to your opinions and fantasies. When you travel, you meet new people from different places which will teach you that there can be different views than what you think. We all grow up learning certain values, beliefs that we acquire from our family and workplace, and sometimes we are not able to expand our imagination beyond these beliefs. When we travel to a new place, you discover fresh ideas and cultures that you never imagined before. These cultures and beliefs give you a broader view of the world. You come back home with a whole new mindset, possibilities, and insights.

    2. To Learn

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    Learning is another reason why people love to travel. People want to break themselves from the monotonous life they are living and learn something they are not familiar with by acquiring knowledge and skills. Going to places and witnessing the history and culture of that place is a wholly unique experience that even classrooms can’t teach you. It is considered a crash course for your sociology, geography, and history subjects. Some people travel to learn a new language, get spiritual, excel in yoga, learn a modern cuisine, or to understand a culture. These learnings stay with you forever as they leave a more profound impact on you than a textbook reading. You will learn that there are different ways of doing a specific task. You get more aware of the why and the how of the culture and customs of different places. When you understand this, it gives you inner satisfaction and a new dream.

    3. Appreciating your life

    When we are living in an active life, we forget what a luxurious life we are living in. We take simple things like food, a safe home, bed, water, and the internet for granted. It is while travelling that you start appreciating the luxuries of life. You start understanding how lucky you are to lead a good life, which many people are not fortunate to have. Realizing this is itself a big deal. Exploring a new city away from your home, especially when you go backpacking for a trek, you get closer to nature. It gives you a feeling of gratitude, and you start appreciating your life.

    4. Escaping

    Life is full of ups and downs. You get a job, get fired, get into a relationship, go through a breakup, or lose someone close to you; these are all part and parcel of life. Travelling is a great way to get relief from all this unhappiness and stress. It is a complete change of the weather, scenery, people, and freedom. It is a much-relaxed life while travelling, and your mind feels less anxious. You start admiring the nature, beauty, walking through the colourful streets, and that is an escape from your routine. It is a good chance, especially for workaholics who find it very difficult to manage home and work. It is suitable for your mental and physical health and does wonders for your life. Travel is a complete disconnect from your social media, phone, and email. You come back feeling fresher and ready to take on a new adventure.

    5. To Spend Time With Loved Ones

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    Spending time with your family and friends is a challenging thing in the day to day life. travelling with your family and loved ones make the bond even stronger. You make a lifetime of memories to cherish with your loved ones. When there is a new upgrade in your life, like moving to college, getting married, then travelling is an excellent way to celebrate it with your friends before starting a new phase in your life. It deepens and strengthens the relationship by forgetting all the grudges. For couples, taking a romantic getaway is an excellent way to reignite their old memories. You will feel amazing after spending uninterrupted time together.

    6. Challenging yourself

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    travelling is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Otherwise, you are always in the vicious cycle of job and your daily life. travelling to a spot that has an entirely new language and culture puts you on the spot. You figure out how to communicate and perform a simple task like ordering a meal. These challenging situations make you stronger. You also learn to make quick decisions which teach you leadership skills. When you complete a trip, you feel proud and confident. It gives you energy and prepares you to face challenges in your personal life as well.

    7. Getting in touch with yourself

    Getting away is also a way to connect with your inner self. You get the space and time to open up your mind and find a new passion. It allows you to reflect on your life. You learn more about yourself with a fresh perspective on what you want from your life.

    8. Wanderlust

    Lust means a strong impulse, and wanderlust is a German word meaning the strong desire to travel. You get an urge to explore places, and you go, visit different places. When you have a wanderlust, you don’t have an itinerary, you book your tickets, hotels and go with the flow. It gives you an adrenaline rush.


    The above are the eight powerful reasons why people decide to travel and why you should too. Once you get the travel bug on you, you would never want to stop. You will always find a reason to take a trip with your loved ones or even solo. travelling to exotic locations for a wedding, a birthday, or an anniversary is the perfect get-together. While travelling a road trip, rent a car with a universal roof rack. It will ensure that all your luggage is kept intact, and you can travel comfortably. So, travel and make lifelong memories

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