Essential tips to care for your sterling silver jewellery

    Ladies love silver whether it is in the form of a necklace, ring, bracelet or any other silver accessory. If your jewelry repertoire is packed with silver, then there is a need to keep the brilliant shine that it possesses, intact forever. Silver instantly jazzes up your party look and therefore, to maintain its lustre and life, it is imperative that you take appropriate steps to take care of it.

    Why does silver tarnish?

    If tarnishing or lack of lustre spoils your mood, then the first thing to do is to understand why your silver jewelry tarnishes? Sterling Silver usually consists of 92.5% pure silver and alloy of other metals. With time, your silver loses its shine or gets tarnished as a result of a chemical reaction with the sulfur particles in the air or oxygen. So, in a few ways, you can take excellent care of your silver jewelry without much hassle.

    Essential Tips to take care of your Silver Jewelry  

    1. Wear it often

    It is always recommended that you wear your silver jewellery often and not keep it locked forever. The natural “oils” of the skin maintain the lustre of the silver and by keeping it locked, you are just leaving it to get tarnished further.

    2. Stay away from chemicals and harsh substances

    Any contact with chemicals or household substances containing sulfur or even during constant perspiration, your silver jewellery gradually corrodes or tarnishes. So, it is often suggested that you take off your silver jewellery while performing any of your household chores. Also, while spraying any cologne or perfume spray, which contains chemicals, you should take off your sterling silver so that it doesn’t get tarnished. So, keep away the silver while using any cosmetic products, hair products or lotions.

    3. Clean it well and often

    The next best thing to do in order to keep the lustre of your silver intact for a longer period is purchasing a silver polish cloth which is not very expensive nowadays. For a mild to moderately dirty silver jewellery, invest in a cleaning and polishing cloth that can help you clean it without scratching or damaging it. If the silver has got black spots or the tarnish is quite heavy, then you can clean it with the help of aluminum foil. For that, you just need to place the square piece of aluminium foil at the base of a heavy bowl and place the silver jewelry piece over it. Afterwards, simply pour moderately hot (not boiling water) water over that along with few tablespoons of baking soda. Let the jewelry soak, in the solution for 20-30 minutes. Rinse it well after taking it out and dry it with a soft towel or cloth so that the metal is lustrous again. This method will help you do away with the tarnish that reduced the brilliant shine of your silver. But make sure that you take care of the other stones that are set in your silver piece and consider the care recommendations of those stones too before applying this method.

    4. Take Care of the storage

    Storage is yet another crucial aspect while you think about ways to take care of your silver jewellery in particular. Silver should always be stored in a dark environment, away from moisture and sunlight. The boxes for storage must be airtight i.e. airtight zip pouches or if you wish a very long life for your silver jewellery, invest in some good anti-tarnishing wooden jewellery boxes that won’t dull the shine of the metal.

    5. Keep silver away from moisture

    Make sure when you store your silver jewellery, you clean it with a soft muslin cloth and then place it in the box. It is always advisable to keep enough room for different pieces of jewellery so that they are not in contact with each other or placed over each other. Doing so will keep your sterling silver, shining and attractive for many years to come. Also, buy some mini sachets of silica gel or activated charcoal as both of these substances are highly preferred due to their moisture-absorbing capacities.

    6. Keep that toothpaste at bay

    Long gone are the times when people used to apply toothpaste on silver in order to clean it. Toothpaste available in the market nowadays contain many additives that might not be appropriate to clean your silver jewelry, so it is strongly advisable to steer clear of it. Also, commercial polishes available for polishing silver may be way too strong and tarnish your metal further, so it is best to avoid it. Rather than these, you can opt for the combination of half a cup of lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil to clean the tarnish.

    Following the aforementioned tips will help you preserve the beauty of your expensive silver jewelry for a really long time. Always remember, clean the tarnish as soon as it builds and make your silver look everlastingly beautiful.

    Shelly Luthra
    Shelly Luthra
    Shelly Luthra is a businesswoman with a great knowledge of jewellery and gemstones. She owns Ornatejewels, an Indian silver retailing site that offers the best quality women jewelry in contemporary designs. She loves to share her jewelry insights with the female readers.

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