5 Tips on How to Match a Watch With Your Outfit

    Watches always complete your look and can uplift or break your outfit. We all have that expensive watch that we would like to flaunt. But does that watch match the outfit you are wearing? Or is it best suited for a formal occasion or event? If you have these questions, this article will answer these and help you make an informed decision. But, before we check them out, here is a list of the different types of watches available.

    A] Different Styles of Watches

    • Dress Watches: Dress watches are basic and functional. Most dress watches have a standard black band and white dial making them very formal. This type of watch only displays the hours, minutes, and seconds and sometimes has a date window.
    • Casual watches: These watches are a bit fancier than dress watches. You can wear a casual watch for almost all day-to-day activities like shopping, gymming or travel. It is the most comfortable watch that matches most outfits.
    • Luxury Watches: These watches are made from superior quality materials. The parts used in these watches are mostly avant-garde and crafted by skilled engineers. Luxury watches are one of the most expensive watches.
    • Special Watches: These watches have special features like buttons to change dates or changeable dials or are water-resistant. These watches can also have customised or changeable watch straps, making them well-suited for different occasions.
    • Diving Watches: Diving watches are water-resistant and can be worn underwater at any depth. The parts of these watches do not rust when they come in contact with water and are long-lasting.
    • Pilot Watches: These watches have inbuilt chronometers and tachymeters. Chronometers have a stopwatch feature, whereas tachymeters have a customised measurement component. These watches help the pilot or racer in a very critical situation while in action.
    • Solar Watches: Solar watches charge themselves on natural or artificial light. They are also highly accurate and require low maintenance.

    B] Tips to match these watches with your outfits

    1. Wear according to an outfit: With formal wear, select a black leather band watch with a simple dial. Dress watches are ideal for a formal look. For an outing or trip, match your casual watch with casual outfits. Pair your casual outfits or gym clothes with a digital watch. A rubber strap sports watch is perfect for any beach look a.k.a shorts and a t-shirt. For a business casual outfit, a high-end pilot watch is ideal. You can match any watch with denim or dresses. 
    • Wear according to an occasion: Select a nice fashionable watch for an evening party or festival. For weddings, a diamond-studded metal watch will match perfectly with the festive clothing you adorn. You can wear a luxury watch to any gala event but avoid wearing it to formal events.
    • Match your belt and shoes or bag colour: Always match your watch strap with your shoes. Wear your black strap watch with black shoes or a brown strap watch with brown shoes. Wearing a black strap watch with brown shoes does not give a formal black-tie look. Females can try to match the strap of their watch with their bags. Invest in a watch that has interchangeable straps to reduce the hassle of managing different watches.

    If you want to mix and match, silver watches complement shoes in black, grey, silver, and blue shades. Gold watches blend well with brown, beige, tan, and other earthy shades.

    • Select the watch size according to the body type: If you have lean wrists, select a watch with a medium dial and compact watch band. For thin wrists, a small dial with a slim band would be ideal. A broad watch strap with a big dial suits the person with strong, thick wrists.
    • Match the metal colour with other jewellery: Carefully select the watch band colour and match it with other jewellery or ornaments you wear. Match the glossy finish band with the glossy finish ornaments and matt coloured band with matt finished ornaments. Wear a golden strap watch if you are wearing gold jewellery. Select a silver strap watch to complement the white gold or platinum jewellery. The rose gold watch band matches well with rose gold accessories. Men need to match the cuff links, the buckle of shoes, additional buttons on a coat (lapel pins, kurta buttons) or any other jewellery with the watch they wear.

    In the end, the watch you wear represents your style and is as unique as you. If you are unsure, select a leather strap dress watch that blends well with most outfits. It gives a sense of belongingness when you match your watch with your outfit. It also helps boost your confidence and completes your overall look.

    Himali Joshi
    Himali Joshi
    Himali Joshi works as a digital strategist for Bering Time, a premium Danish watch brand. Her core interests lie in digital marketing & social media strategy. Apart from being passionate about her work, she adores the idea of bringing people together by creating meaningful content for brands who want to grow.

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