3 Great Ways to Slow Down the Aging Process

    If you are among those who believe that age is just a number, you are on the right side of living a life of disrupting the notion that your chronicle age must affect your biological age. Besides genetics, you are living proof that there are steps that you can take that can slow the pace that you age. Continue reading to discover the benefits of slowing the aging process to your mental and physical health and get some great tips to slow the process.

    We all must get used to the idea that aging cannot be prevented or avoided altogether. However, every day, the choices we make have specific effects on our bodies and minds. Although supposedly wiser and more intelligent as we age, how much sleep we get, the foods we eat, and what we subject ourselves to have a lot to do with our biological age. Avoiding certain behaviors can slow down the aging process.

    Some of the things we should be doing are:

    Staying hydrated with plenty of water and green tea.

    Making time for friends and family.

    Decreasing stress levels.

    Getting adequate and quality sleep.

    Flossing and taking care of oral hygiene.

    Getting plenty of Vitamin D.

    Avoiding bad habits like smoking and alcohol.

    In addition to the tips above, three proven ways to slow down the aging process are:

    Keep Moving

    Age shouldn’t be a reason for you to slow down. Moving more as you age will not only help slow down the aging process, it is the best medicine for slowing down aging and staying healthy. Regular movement includes physical activity for two to five hours per week. As you age, the intensity of your exercise is less important than simply exercising, so determine what you like to do and keep moving.

    In addition to slowing aging, there is strong evidence to suggest that exercise helps preserve muscle mass more so than those who do not work out. Exercisers also have an immune system that is stronger than those much younger who don’t move as much.

    Committing to an exercise program as you age will also:

    Prevent disease.

    Improve mental health.

    Strengthen your social ties.

    Lower your risk of slips and falls.

    Improve your cognitive function.

    Think About What You Put Into Your Body

    “You are what you eat” isn’t something that is limited to children. Being cautious of what you eat is true for every person who makes food choices and alcohol intake decisions. At the very least, staying healthy and slowing the aging process entails a healthy diet that includes making good food choices. Eating plenty of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts, complex carbohydrates, and ingesting minimal white flour and sugar will leave you more focused and ready to face the day.

    While there is nothing wrong with a glass of wine after work, the occasional cocktail or beer, abusing alcohol can dramatically speed up the aging process. Aging due to alcohol happens because the alcohol causes damage to the cells of your liver, and as you know, your liver’s function is to detoxify the body. If your liver is damaged and not detoxifying, your skin shows it and premature aging occurs.

    In addition to food and beverage, consider vitamins and supplements to keep your body on track and in optimal condition. Supplements to boost cellular repair, create better muscle function, and help improve sleep patterns like those containing NMN powder are potent and offer improved health and slow the aging process.

    No Shame

    While not everyone wants to remain young forever, slowing down signs of aging should come without shame. And that means starting as young as you are right now discovering ways to slow aging. A beautiful tan is fantastic, but you’ll appreciate yourself for protecting your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays in your later years. Cleansing your skin gently both morning and night is beneficial to maintaining youthful-looking supple skin. Also, trapping moisture in your skin by applying a moisturizer will give you a noticeably dewy glow that will be the envy of many.

    Although we cannot prevent or avoid aging altogether, our daily choices affect our bodies and how we age. The tips noted above show the benefits and how to slow the aging process.

    The Zigverve Team
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