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    As the wedding date comes near many brides spend days and months on the clothing, accessories, invitation lists and the decorations. In the midst of all the organizing and planning, many brides forget to take care of herself. However, personal care is the most important task that every bride must be focused on.

    Unfortunately, most of the brides fall prey to stress, pollution, and other factors and their skin end up looking dull. What every bride want is a glowing skin, to look gorgeous and feel the best on their big day. Yet, all is not lost. You can get this dream skin by taking proper care of your skin at least a few days or a week before the Wedding.

    If you want to get a fair skin tone and look beautiful on your wedding day, the best way will be to use the natural home remedies. Say no to the chemicals, the homemade beauty tips will be really helpful and can do wonders. Home remedies also have the advantage of being side-effects free.

    In this article, we share with you homemade bridal beauty tips for fairness. Alongside, you can shop herbal beauty products at as Nykaa offers a wide range of beauty products with the guide.

    Homemade Bridal Beauty Tips for Fairness 

    Milk and Lemon Juice Face Mask:

    • Mix 2 tablespoons of raw milk with 1 tablespoon of gram flour.
    • Add 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice.
    • Apply this mixture for 15 minutes and wash it with fresh water.

    Continue this for a couple of weeks. It is the most effective skin lightening home remedy which helps to improve your skin complexion, removing the tan on your skin and lightening the darker skin tone.

    Potato For Skin Lightening:

    • Take a potato pulp.
    • Apply the potato pulp to your face and let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Wash off your face with fresh clean water.

    Continue this remedy twice a day, in the morning before taking a bath, and at night before going to bed. Potato acts as a natural bleaching agent and highly beneficial in removing dark spots, blemishes and whitening the skin.

    Oat Meal & Tomato to Improve Skin Fairness:

    • Take 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 1 ripe tomato.
    • Take tomato juice from the tomato.
    • Mix the juice with oatmeal and wait till the oatmeal become smooth.
    • Apply the pack over your face.
    • Keep for 10 minutes and wash it with cold water.

    Continue this remedy every morning before taking bath. Tomato acts as skin lightening agent and oatmeal helps to reduce inflammation, impurities present on the skin clear of the oil on the skin, grime and heal the skin.

    Orange & Yogurt to improve Skin Whiteness:

    • Take one Orange peel it off and powder it.
    • Mix this powder with 2 tablespoons of yogurt.
    • Apply this paste over your face and body.
    • Wait for 30 minutes till this is dry and take a shower.

    Yogurt helps to give your skin its lost glow and Orange is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin C is very important for your skin. Continue this everyday, regular use will help to brighten and whiten your skin naturally.

    Harshita Khandelwal
    Harshita Khandelwal
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