How to choose the right women’s haircut that flatters your face shape

    If you want to use your hair to its greatest advantage, consider choosing a hair style that will enhance your positive facial features while de-emphasizing your negative facial features. You can choose a hairstyle that will balance out the shape of your face and make your features look more symmetrical. A symmetrical face is considered to be more attractive.

    Women go through many different hairstyles through their lifetimes. As trends change and certain looks become fashionable while others become outdated, women will try on new hairstyles for size and see how they feel. You can find a great new hairstyle by following these simple tips.

    Different Women’s Haircuts

    Different haircuts look good on different types of women. Some haircuts are age specific. One haircut may look good on a woman in her sixties but would look horrible on a girl in her teens.

    Similarly, there are some haircuts that are appropriate for younger people but would look dreadful on an older and more sophisticated woman. Other hairstyles are good for masking body flaws such as oddly shaped faces.

    Shaping Your Hair for Your Face

    Some haircuts work well for certain face shapes while other haircuts do not work well for specifically shaped faces. You should try your best to wear your hair in a way that will enhance your facial structure rather than clash with it. One tip is to decide whether your face is wide, narrow or perfectly round.

    This will open up options for you to consider. For example, if you have a very narrow face, you will want to avoid parting your hair down the middle and wearing it straight down on either side of your face. This will only accentuate the narrowness of your face. Instead, try wearing your hair at chin level and add layers to increase horizontal volume. This will make your face appear rounder.

    Choosing a Style that Makes You Feel Good

    While there are tons of tips, tricks and guidelines for choosing a hairstyle that will complement or enhance your facial structure or de-emphasize a facial blemish or flaw, the important thing to consider when choosing a hairstyle is that you pick a haircut that makes you feel good about yourself. Truly, that is the only thing that really matters.

    You can follow haircut rules and guidelines all day, but unless you feel good about the way your hair looks, you won’t feel good about yourself. You don’t have to follow anyone’s rules. If you find a hairstyle that you are comfortable in and that you feel you could sport fashionably for a while, then stick with it. You are most likely your biggest critic.

    Evaluate Your Morning Routine

    Sometimes, the choice regarding which hairstyle you want to have revolves completely around the nature of your morning routine. If you wake up with plenty of time to spend an hour fixing your hair, then you can sport a hair style that is slightly complicated and requires a lot of maintenance.

    If, however, you are one of those women who wakes up in a rush and needs to be out the door in five minutes, you might consider seeking a hairstyle that can look great on the go.  Depending on your lifestyle, a specific hairstyle might present itself as the perfect fit for you.

    Consider Your Personality Traits

    Your hair is probably the first thing that people will notice about you when they pass you on the street. As such, many women choose to sport haircuts that will reflect a little of their own personality and their own interests. You can find hairstyles that reflect a very business or commerce oriented lifestyle.

    You can also find hairstyles which are reminiscent of a more free spirit.  No matter what your specific personality is, you can don a hairstyle that will tell others who you are and what you value. Your hairstyle should always make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

    Monitor Celebrity Trends

    The celebrity world is a great place to find inspiration for a hairstyle that will be new and fresh for you and will make you feel young and attractive.

    Celebrities are the trend setters of the world. They set trends in fashion, social activism, and even help people choose which vehicles to drive. The hairstyles that celebrities sport are just as trend setting.

    If you want to stay current with the times, evaluate the hairstyles that young celebrities are wearing and mimic those hairstyles on your own head of hair. You can take photographs of a celebrity to your own hair stylist and ask her to recreate that look with you.

    Some small adjustments may need to be made, but you can walk out of the salon looking confident in your new, celebrity inspired look.

    Chinjal Patel
    Chinjal Patel
    Chinjal Patel is founder of, modern hair salon in Jersey City. He passionately driven to make every client feel valued the moment they walk in and feel great about themselves as they walk out of the salon with a refined and transformed look.

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