6 Interesting Facts About Lipstick Every Girl Should Know

    Lipstick is a staple to fashion for ladies all over the world. Whether you wear full make up or just an ordinary-day make up, lipstick will never be absent from your list of cosmetics. Apparently, next to the eyes, the lips are the second best asset on your face, not to mention the sexiest.

    Some women like it light, some like it dark, some like to mix it up a bit and some wear it depending on their mood. Wherever you sit on that list, lipstick makes your lips look fuller and more kissable. Here are 6 interesting facts about lipstick every girl should know.

    Lipstick innovation

    Lipstick was not coined “lipstick” until the 19th century, but it has been in use since ancient times. Cleopatra used to wear lipstick by staining her lips with special ingredients mashed together to form a red colour. Ancient Mesopotamian women also ground gems to use a colour for their lips. Now, after thousands of years, we have lipsticks of every shade and different brands to choose from.

    Ingredients to look out for

    Although shiny lips are attractive, you should be careful with the ingredients used to make those puckers shiny. Some lipstick products contain fish scales and castor oil to keep the pouts shiny and smear-free. Another content to look out for is lead, which can be found in some matte lipstick. Lead is used to keep the lipstick on for hours without smearing or fading it. Lead content in lipstick can cause speech and brain impairment, and many other health issues.

    Lipstick is a status symbol

    In Ancient Egypt, both men and women with high status in society stain their lips to show people that they are in position. Now, women use lipstick – and even the color choices – as a way to subtly illustrate their status symbol or fashion statement.

    Men love looking at women wearing lipstick

    Men like women who wear less make up because of the at-home appearance but actually, most men adore women who know how to put their make up on. Why? Men like to know that women make the effort of being beautiful for them. Natural beauty aside, lipstick and cosmetics can improve a woman’s beauty too.

    Women love wearing lipstick

    Most women, even if they don’t have time to put on a full-on makeup, will smear their lips with red or any colour just to add colour to their face. On an average make up kit, lipstick takes up about 40 percent of the kit than any other cosmetic product.

    Most expensive lipstick

    The most expensive lipstick up for sale is the H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick which has a staggering price of $14 million. The lipstick alone costs $150 which, without the adornment of 1,200 pink diamonds, still makes it the world’s most expensive lipstick.

    A woman may have a large bag or a small purse, but one thing is for sure: there will always be a lipstick somewhere inside that bag. Lipstick is a regular part of a woman’s daily routine.

    To make your lips sexier and fuller, you should also take care of your teeth and make sure they stay straight. I always visit an orthodontist near me to keep my teeth healthy, you should do the same. Oh, and don’t forget to put on that perfect shade of lipstick.

    Andy Bell
    Andy Bell
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    1. Brought up in a traditional and conservative south indian family, lipstick, or any other makeup for that matter, was completely out of bounds for me, though I was eternally fascinated by it. Ever since i stepped out into the world on my own, i have been hoarding on these beauties! Interesting read this one!

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