9 Quick But Fantastic Summer Makeup Tips

    Sunshine always draws out the crowds. Almost everyone likes to bask in the Sun’s warmth. Presenting yourself in the best light is of the utmost importance. Some women find this time of year frustrating. The makeup that is used to enhance beauty suddenly becomes enemy #1. Looking like a raccoon or a dried up piece of canvas is not on the top of anyone’s To-Do list. Luckily, several make up professionals have found some solutions in the form of following makeup tips that allow you to beautify without the negative repercussions.

    Quick Makeup Tips for Staying Fresh and Beautiful

    1. Toners without alcohol content
    2. Moisturizers with a good amount of UV ray protection
    3. Primers
    4. Silicone based foundation
    5. Creamy eye shadows and liners
    6. Liquid eye liner is known to smear less than a pencil
    7. Powder blush is unnecessary
    8. Natural bronzer
    9. Lip balm to prevent chapped lips

    The use of natural based products are preferred. Many cosmetic lines are including skin care and protection in their products. eos has an awesome natural cosmetic line to care for your lips and skin. There are many online videos that guide you on proper application techniques. Do your research before purchasing any make up product. Read the ingredients and confirm the credibility of the product by reading customer reviews.

    Colors are another factor in choosing the right combination of products that will provide you with your new look this Summer. Keep them light like your make up. Don’t forget that dark colors attract the sun. The key is to appear as if you aren’t wearing any! You don’t want to feel like you are weighed down by layers of make up when you are under the sun. The more the merrier does not apply in this case.

    If you have a skin condition, the chemicals and sun may cause serious damage. Please consult with a dermatologist for a professional opinion. Your health comes first, your true beauty lies within.

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