Skincare routine tips after chemotherapy

    Cancer is getting common with every passing day, and so the treatment of chemo. Chemotherapy has many potential benefits but it also has some serious and long-lasting side-effects. When the body is going through this procedure, the patient’s immunity is suppressed and he gets more vulnerable than before. The side-effects including numerous changes in texture, color, and health of the skin and nails.

    Instead of waiting for the symptoms, create a skin routine for yourself, and buy relevant products accordingly. There are steps that could be followed before chemo so that it will help to prevent the freshness, know the important factors beforehand, following a proper skincare routine, know your skin changes, learn what will affect and how would definitely lessen the effects of the damage and you will not end up regretting. 

    Talking about skin and nail changes

    Chemotherapy exacerbates skin discomfort, dehydration, irritation, and much more. Here are some of the problems which patients face after radiation therapy or chemotherapy:

    Skin Changes:

    Some of the most common skin changes reported are:

    • Acne
    • Clusters
    • Dryness
    • Hyperpigmentation (Dark skin tone)
    • hypopigmentation (Light skin tone patches)
    • Itching
    • Flakey, peeling
    • Rashes
    • Redness
    • Sores

     Nail changes:

    Some of the most common nails changes reported are:

    • Cracked nails
    • Infections
    • Yellow nails

    Avoid hot showers -Stay hydrated!

    Chemotherapy could have affected the skin in different ways. Know that your skin can be more sensitive if you keep it dry, thus try your best to make your body and skin hydrated. People think of dry skin as just a cosmetic issue but after deeply analyzing we have come to know that it can get severe dryness and become inflamed and more susceptible to infections.  

    Try not using hot water even for washing hands, as it only worsens the hydration level of the skin. Showering with cool or lukewarm water helps to maintain the natural oil which is essential for skin protection. After the bath, tap dries the skin with a soft towel. 

    Start using gentle products without scents

    Before chemo, if you were using perfumes then it is not a good time to continue this habit. It is even said that change your cosmetics after you get completely cured, do consult your doctor as it varies from the types of cancer. 

    After a shower, it is the best time to moisturize your skin. Usually, within three minutes when the skin is damp, it is advised to apply the cream or oil you like according to your skin type. Apply the products which are hypoallergenic and with less fragrance.

    Make it your routine and moisturize your body, hands, face, and lips. The best moisturizers are those containing sunflower, coconut oils, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and sodium PCA.

    Sunscreen protection

    To all the chemo patients, sunblocks are more important due to the medicines which can result in skin rashes, burnings, and redness.

    sunscreen application on skin

    Moreover, we suggest you use those sunscreens which have at least 5% zinc oxide, SPF 30, and those products which protect both UVA and UVB in order to prevent damage. Try using screen protection glasses, hats, or clothes. There are also many products which are chemo-friendly hence you can ask your concerned doctors for the related products.

    Choose your Hand wash more cleverly

    We all know that washing hands is one of the things done most of the time as it is likely to prevent the patients from being caught by any infection. Those days the patient’s condition is vulnerable and can be prone to dryness and eczema. Hence, it is advised to not use hard hand washing liquids and wear gloves while washing vegetables, dishes, clothes, or doing house chores. 

    Unrecognizable Woman Washing Hands During Pandemic In Bathroom Indoor, Closeup

    Do not over-wash your hand, or not use hot water to rinse the oil essential for your skin. On the other hand, do wash clearly, as the soap residue can also cause damage to your skin and result in irritation, superfluous infections, and wounds.

    In the end, one most important thing to remember is to use a moisturizer or cold cream after every wash.

    Bottom line

    Chemotherapy has side effects on the skin after a few weeks which are usually temporary but they can cause anxiety. If you are not looking like yourself then it can be traumatic too. Hair loss, loss of eyebrows, or lashes is tough especially for the women who care about their appearance the most. But that is the best time to know yourself, and do not rush for treating side effects, let your body take time to heal first. 

    In the end, we recommend you to ask your doctor about any side effects you are facing after chemotherapy and use the recommended products accordingly.

    Salwa Imtiaz
    Salwa Imtiaz
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