9 Steps To Change The Texture of Hair

    There are people and especially women who would like to change the hair texture. They may have dry hair that they feel is not beautiful or attractive. To have or achieve better results with the hair structure, there are some steps necessary for that. Dry hair sometimes is as a result of either over-washing or even over processing. Use of some chemicals or products on the hair is also a major cause. One needs to follow ad learn on steps that can aid in the improvement of the texture of the hair.

    1. Wash Hair Twice a Week

    The fact that women need to maintain standards that are high in cleanliness, they should limit the times the hair is washed. Ne should wash the hair just two times in the week. If this is hard, the washing should be thrice at most in the same week. More washing of the hair may damage the hair of a person and alter its texture in the long run. This is not good.

    2. Always Use a Hydrating Shampoo, but only apply to the Scalp

    Only select or use a shampoo that is hydrating in nature. You do not need or require keeping scrubbing the end of the tresses. As one rinses the shampoo, the individual has the tresses cleansed as much as possible. The ends will also be cleansed as much as an individual needs them to be.

    3. Do not Use Normal Conditioners

    It is advisable that an individual avoids the use of normal conditioners. One may need to save money but at the same time realize that they need the texture of their hair changed and better. Though the cost of other conditioners is high, go for them as they will be more helpful to your hair texture. The only disadvantage is the high cost. However, they will be of help. Nobody enjoys or likes hair that is quite crunchy or dry.

    4. When Washing Your Hair, Use a deep Conditioner

    Use of conditioners in the washing is very essential and vital. The role it plays in the maintenance of good and soft texture. Consider leaving the conditioner on the hair for more time. Having the conditioner washed in the morning after use in the previous evening is a good or better option. Let the conditioner stay or remain in the hair for long enough. This is helpful as it is a way of increasing efficiency of the product or conditioner on the hair. The results can be gotten and noticed within sometime of this practice, with a combination of all the other steps.

    5. Let Your Hair Dry after Rinsing

    Most women have a tendency to make the mistake of using the heaters to make their hair dry after cleaning and rinsing. This is a practice that is discouraged if one needs to have hair with good or the right texture. Some do this when they feel that they are in a hurry and they may get late. Use of the blow drier for example, in the long run, causes havoc if it is continually used in drying wet hair.

    6. Comb the Hair Through with a Wide-Toothed Comb

    Do not brush the hair while it is wet. Giving the hair time to dry is important and vital. Allowing it to dry helps avoid hairloss. Wet hair breaks more than when it is dry. This is a step that most women make mistakes. Do not attempt combing wet hair.

    7. Apply Leave-In Conditioner if the Hair is Damp

    Sometimes the hair is dump. When this is the case with the hair, apply some stay-in conditioner. Ensure to apply the conditioner in right, sufficient or generous amounts. The tresses get thirsty and thus require or need generous application of the moisturizer.

    8. Every Couple of Weeks, Use a Hot Oil Treatment on Your Hair

    After applying these, let them remain in hair for long enough. Let it stay and then do not rinse off. You should then after half an hour apply conditioner on the hair.



    9. Be Gentle

    Always ensure that you are careful while combing, washing or detangling the dry hair. The hair should be handled gently. Do not over-comb or even over-wash the hair. To maintain the correct and desirable texture, learn to be gentle on the hair always. It is good however to take time on the hair as good looks are essential and important.


    All of us need hair of the right texture. Nobody enjoys crunchy hair as sometimes it even hard to comb or brush. Follow or adhere to the steps to ensure you get the desired or good hair texture. Avoidance of chemicals that cause breakages in the hair and alter the texture of the hair is advised.

    Annie Lizstan
    Annie Lizstan
    Annie Lizstan works as a health and beauty consultant for online websites and an independent researcher by profession. She had completed her studies from university of Arizona and live in Wasilla, Alaska. She always like to explore her ideas about health, fitness, beauty and skin care treatments. She has experience researching as a passion as well as profession.

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