12 Most Popular Types of Shirt Fabrics

Selection of fabric plays the most important role the shirt making process. The fit and comfort of the shirt largely depends on the type of fabric. The fabric selection is mainly depicted by the climatic conditions and by the wearer. It is not compulsory that every fabric suits to everyone. To help you in selecting the best fabric for you, below is some necessary information about various types of fabrics:

  • Burn-Out Fabric: The trick behind the making of burn-out fabric lies in the technique of burning out of the fabric. Particular patterns are designed by the designers and embossed on the fabric. Fibres of thick fabrics such as rayon, velvet and silk are burnt in certain pattern. Thick kind of fabric is not advisable to wear in summers due to its thickness.
  • Combed Cotton: Conventional cotton in its refined form is given a name “combed cotton”. This kind of cotton is given an uncommon treatment beginning from turning to the time it turns into a usable fixing in shirt generation. Combed cotton because of its gentler nature is suitable for soft skin. In spite of being extravagant, its elegance makes it famous.
  • Jersey Fabric: It is sew fabric known for its solace, flexible and wrinkle safe nature. In the beginning, it was made of wool however with the evolving situation, cotton, wool and engineered strands have supplanted the unadulterated wool.
  • Linen Fabric: Linen fabric is produced using the cellulose fibre whose fundamental source is the stalks of the flax plant. 100% linen fabric is the most dependable and enduring fabric. Linen fabric is the most common summer friendly fabric which is used in making easygoing shirts, Nehru collar and mandarin collar shirts. Take advantage of linen fabric shopping by the yard online.
  • Modal Fabric: Modal fabric is the synthetic fabric which undergoes the processing of cellulose fibres. It is delicate, colour capable, agreeable and exceedingly retentive. The cutting edge, cool and wrinkle-free nature permits it to be utilized as a part of shirt assembling.
  • Cotton Fabric: Cotton balls around the seeds of cotton plants are the main source of fibres for cotton fabric. Unlike other fabrics, the washing of cotton fabric does not affect the shine of the fabric. India is the second largest producer of this soft, breathable fabric, which makes Indian cotton fabric, the most reliable and cheaper one. You can buy cotton fabric by the yard for the manufacturing of cool, summer friendly, sweat absorbing cotton shirts.
  • Block Print Fabric: Handmade block prints are the traditional form of art, which looks beautiful when done on cotton fabric. It is the speciality of India where natural colour dyes are used for designing. Block prints are the real-cool in summers. Both male and female can wear these simply stylish block print fabric shirts in hot summers.
  • Pima Fabric: One of the optimum cotton blends is pima fabric. The durability and absorbent nature of the fabric are undeniable which makes it popular in winters. It is a human-made fabric thicker than other cotton fabrics, making it more durable. These seasonal shirts are good choice for both men and women in winters.
  • Polyester: The most unfavourable fabric to be worn in summers is polyester fabric. Due to the sweating nature of polyester fabric, its usability is more in winters. The chemical, abrasion and stretch resistant nature of the 100% polyester fabric is worth consideration. The availability of polyester fabric designs online is unlimited and one can buy them in very cheap prices. Designer shirts of polyester fabric are unisexual and can be worn by both the genders.
  • Rayon: A synthetic fabric with lustrous shine is named as rayon. Rayon is an easy-to-wash fabric having resistance to wrinkles and abrasion. The clothes made from this fabric can match up the comfort level of the clothes made from natural fibres.
  • Knit Fabric: The fabric which looks alike from both the sides is knit fabric. Its property to not curl at the edges increases its usability. The flexible nature along with the beautiful textures increases the attraction of the fashion lovers towards it.
  • Slub: Slub fabric is the fabric with string imperfections. It can be for instance, in bulges or groups, which may have happened in the midst of the string weaving technique. The vision of fashion designers transformed the defects of slub fabric into the artistic one and today it is a standout amongst the most inclining fabrics for shirts.
12 most popular types of shirt fabrics
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After studying so much about different types of fabrics, it can be concluded that cotton is the most suitable fabric for shirt making in summers. And India being the second largest producer of cotton in the world is the best place to buy reliable and durable cotton fabric in cheap prices. 10 countries that lead in cotton production are China, India, U.S.A., Pakistan, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Australia, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Greece, out of which India stands out second with a share of 6,641 thousand metric ton production annually.

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