8 work wardrobe essentials every professional man must have

    “Clothes Make the Man”, this idiom exemplifies the fact that the appropriate clothes can make any man look exceptional. This is the reason why fashion, movie and TV stars spend time on their clothes. Clothes can enhance a person’s self-image, making him look powerful, assertive and successful.

    However, does this mean that putting effort into one’s wardrobe is only for the celebrities who constantly have the public eye on them? Not necessarily. Each of us has a desire to look and feel good and this can be achieved through clothing. Additionally, in the corporate world, qualities such as being powerful, assertive and successful are highly valued.

    Thus, working on one’s style and making an impact at work starts with the right clothes. In light of that thought, here are eight wardrobe essentials every professional man must-have.

    Navy-Blue Suit

    handsome businessman in modern business suit

    A Navy Blue Suit is a must-have in a man’s wardrobe. Apart from looking professional and adding class to your wardrobe, it seamlessly matches itself with a wide range of colors. The most significant aspect of a navy blue suit is that it is always in fashion and matches all types of complexions. So regardless of your skin tone, a navy blue suit is always a win. Additionally, it can be worn for almost every event, guaranteed to make you stand out.

    Charcoal Grey Suit

    handsome young man in business suit


    There is an ongoing debate as to which color suit is better, navy blue or charcoal grey. Why not just have them both? Grey suits bring in an extremely sharp look that can make anyone wearing them look remarkable. Additionally, these suits can also be matched with various colors, significantly reducing the time spent on matchmaking. Moreover, grey suits can be worn for numerous events.

    A Blazer/Sport Coat

    young attractive stylish man in checkered jacket

    When building one’s wardrobe, people can overlook blazers/sport coats; this happens due to their semi-formal look. However, let that not stop you from investing in one. These jackets are designed to enhance a man’s silhouette making him look more masculine, who doesn’t want that? Additionally, they go well with several combinations and are available in different styles. You can never go wrong with a blazer/sport coat.

    Dress Shirts

    businessman selecting shirt to wear

    Considered the foundation of a man’s wardrobe, dress shirts are possibly the most important article of clothing. Before buying one, it is important to consider certain styles are colors they are available in. Plain white, Fancy Weave White, Light Blue and Checked are some of the varieties you may want to consider. It may not always be possible to wear a suit, during such times, a simple shirt and tie will do the trick.

    Pair of Socks

    Socks need more credit than they may receive. Consider the fact that they keep the feet dry and prevent blisters from forming. Additionally, they also prevent odor. These benefits aside, new dress sock designs are hitting the market and are trending. Socks complement the overall attire of a person, so spend some time searching for good ones. It will only add value to your entire outfit.

    Oxford Shoes

    black oxford shoes on background top view

    Shoes define a person. It is often said that people can identify a person’s salary, background and basic personality traits just by looking at their shoes. It is hard to deny that a fancy shoe on someone does give the impression that he earns well. Therefore, it is all the more important to invest in good shoes to make sure your wardrobe is keeping up with your improved lifestyle.

    A Timeless Watch

    Men's Wrist Watch

    If you’re wearing formal clothes, to complete the look, a watch is a must. Remember to invest in something fancy, not sporty, because your watch is what people will notice after your footwear. A watch takes time to be made and this process can almost be considered an art. Therefore, if you invest in a good watch, it will only enhance your style by a mile.

    Dress Pants

    The idea of dressing well is that you look good. Once people are done examining you, your clothes will draw their attention to your face, where it should be. However, with a wrong set of pants, that can change entirely. Pants need to complement what you’re wearing above your waist and not draw attention to themselves. A set of grey, black, and navy blue pants can give you plenty of seamless combinations.

    It is important to remember that building your wardrobe is certainly an investment and isn’t something that will happen overnight. So, take your time with it because it is worth it. It is often said that a positive attitude brings positivity in life. When you improve your choice of clothes, you not only look better but also start to feel better. When you feel better, your overall perspective of life improves and this newfound positivity will only translate to better results at work.

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