9 Trendy fashion accessories for 2020

    2019 is over, and 2020 is here with fresh, fashionable trends that should be a must for every woman to stock in her wardrobes. Some patterns are new, while some have stood and passed the test of time and made significant comebacks.
    The following are the fashion accessories trends 2020 that would make you spring and summer-ready!

    Strappy sandals

    As trends come and go, one’s that still going to stay (and slay) in fashion: a chic pair of sandals. There has been a multitude of square toe sandals making rounds this season, and for a valid reason. This elegant style, with a strappy design, accentuates the legs and provides a distinctive look for any outfit you wear. While better worn in the warm months, feel free to add a pair of sheer leggings or socks to your feet. Choose from vibrant colors to bring vitality to your outfit or to hold things timeless with earthy tones such as white, black, or brown.

    Large chain necklaces

    Be it any time of the year; your outfit wouldn’t be called perfect without a beautiful piece of jewelry. Things haven’t changed in 2020; in fact, they have become a lot bolder as big chain necklaces find their way to the peak of the season. From bulky and chunky styles to elegant and state-of-the-art items, these pieces are a simple way to integrate the ensemble. Wear it with a coat, chic blazer, a roll-neck sweatshirt, or even a jumper –there are no guidelines for this iconic bling. Choose to rock it alone or with a matching color-coordinated jewel, and you’re inevitably going to have an Instagram-worthy ensemble!

    Wide waist belts

    Wide Waist Belts

    Bind all ensembles together with these stylish belts. Lying in the middle of your torso, it provides a perfect hourglass figure and accentuates your dress. This is a useful piece for everyone this season–pair it with a shirt, a skirt, or pants; there are no laws. To build a monochrome feel, choose a single shade through your entire outfit. It’s an accessory that’s never going out of style, make sure you’ve got it in your closet for every event.

    Bucket bags

    Wouldn’t you love a handbag that carries all of your stuff? A trendy one, though! These bucket bags haven’t ever gone out of fashion. Instead, they’re growing more reliable than ever with the beautiful 2020 improvisation. From a feminine silhouette by Louis Vuitton to a Barbie-style design by Chanel, it is an accessory that you’ll love to carry forever. Instead of picking a typical color, such as brown, gray, or white, why not venture outside the box and go for something blue, pink, or lavender? There are many styles to sport the look, and you can happily wear it for years to come!

    Soft clutches

    If you’ve followed the latest fashion trends, you’ll agree that the soft clutch is the supreme purse of the season. Originally designed by Bottega Veneta, this is an elegant and lustrous piece that looks gorgeous on any day, any occasion. Comfortable to wear and with plenty of room inside, these beautiful purses look like a soft little pillow and are a dreamy option for any fashion-conscious woman. You can choose from a classic hue like brown, black or white, tan or think outside the box and go for a yellow, magenta alternative. They look incredible in a casual setting, but they’re quick and easy to adapt to a formal occasion. Design is all about playing by and with the rules, so why don’t you do it with this beautiful bag?

    Padded headbands

    Transform your bad hair day into a great one with one of these fashionable padded headbands. It’s nothing new, but Prada worked to make them trendy and hot again this year. Bring out the inner fashionista in you, these accessories look stunning on the center of your head, or when they’re pulled back to keep the hair out of your face Keep things simple by adding an elaborate selection of intricate pieces or taking it a step ahead by sporting it wrapped in ornamentation. There are so many ways you can rock this beautiful piece, so slay along!

    Hoop earrings

    Loop Earings

    Making another grand comeback, this season, this piece will be again one of the significant trends. Hoop earrings are a great way to jazz up your favorite dress or give the finishing touch to your regular outfit. Could choose from a classic design to anything cutting edge, with pearls, designs or embellishments. Hoops look the best a ponytail or a bun or any hairstyle where with your hair behind your ears –show off your beautiful circles with confidence.

    Multi-colored handbags

    Enliven every outfit with trendy and fashionable multi-colored bags, unlike in past years. This vibrant style provides more than two colors–gray, red, green, and yellow at the same time. Turn a blank canvas of your ensemble into something impressive–this piece makes you feel like you’re just wandering about with a bit of modern artwork on you.

    Mini bags

    Why would you have one bag when you can own two? The primary trend this season is the small pouch added to the handbag, as shown in Louis Vuitton and Chanel catalogs and boutiques Such coin bags serve as excellent storage options, be it makeup,  or extra pair of earrings. You can buy this piece in a variety of colors so that you can choose a purse in a classic shade or something ultra-modern. And that’s the best way to complete every ensemble, no matter what the event.

    Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller is an editor and author at Hoodie Lab. She is a fashion enthusiast and loves to write about the latest trends and tips from the fashion industry.

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