The benefits and tips to maintain extensions

    Are you not liking how your hair looks no matter what you try? Maybe this blog could help you get want you were looking for. You know, every girl prays for a thick, luscious hair and wants to flaunt it. But is it possible for women with thin hair? Yes, of course it’s possible. This is exactly what hair extensions help you achieve. A full, thick, luscious, beautiful hair. If you are new to this, you are at the right place to get enough information about it before you could try it out.

    What are hair extension?

    Hair extensions are separate locks of hair that blend into your own. They are generally longer but it’s mostly used to enhance the thickness of the hair and to stylise the hair.

    Benefits of Hair Extensions

    Sure you’re not born naturally with beautiful long hair but it doesn’t mean you can’t one through hair extensions. It’s obvious to feel sceptical about hair extensions, and here’s a chance to change your mind.

    • You can easily get long and beautiful hair in minutes. You just have to choose the extension and sit patiently to see your new hair come to life.
    • With the hair extension you get to choose your favourite colour to your natural hair.
    • You get to look and feel differently in matter of just minutes. Let it be a dance performance, job interview, wedding, you can look to impress.

    There are different kinds of hair extensions that will enhance the thickness of your hair and provide beauty. But also make you look beautiful. Did you know, even though the hair extensions are fake, you need to maintain it? The consequences of this is not very pleasant.

    Maintenance of Hair Extension

    hair extensions on a tray

    It’s crucial to maintain the hair extension but it needs to be done carefully. Since it’s doesn’t repair itself like your natural hair with natural vitamins and oils in the scalps, it needs special care. Otherwise, the extension will become dull, lifeless and dried out in turn making it look unwearable.

    Follow these steps to maintain your extensions:

    • Brush them lightly to detangles them until they are completely free of knots.
    • Place the extensions on the sink and wet them slightly.
    • Apply conditioner to it first
    • Apply shampoo to it over the conditioner
    • Rinse it off with warm water

    This is for the extensions that are not permanent. For the permanent hair extension on the other hand, you should consult the hair stylist for the suggestions on which shampoo or conditioner will be good to use. But make sure you do not use the one that has more moisture in their products. It will make the extension slippery to adhere.

    1. Sometimes doing less is best

    Over washing your hair extension can damage them. Each shampoo and conditioner will dry out during every wash, so less is best. The hair extensions that you have already has gone through treatments that makes it look soft and shiny so they don’t need much of cleaning or washing.

    2. Avoid using nasty products

    Make sure you check the ingredients in the hair cleaning products you buy. The harmful chemical in them will damage the hair making it dry, frizzy and even causes breakage. Such chemicals will be even more harmful for the hair extension.

    3. Choose the best

    It’s always worth it when you spend a little more for the best product that gives the best results. Choose the best for the hair extension that will keep them looking amazing and to expand their lifespan as long as possible. There are products that are specially formulated to keep the hair extensions soft, silky and good as new.

    Since there are so many kinds of hair extension, each one of it has its own way to maintain and protect.

    Do Hair Extensions Hurt and Cause damage to the hair?

    Step one is to not choose the hair extension that’s heavier than your actual hair. The weight can cause the hair to break and give a bad headache. Step two, do not attach the extension too tightly, this is another cause of damage to the hair.

    Traction Alopecia is when the hair experiences frequent tension around the hairline. This will cause permanent damage to the hair. Moreover, it’s good to go without extension and give a break to your hair. Let them breathe and be natural.

    It’s natural to feel discomfort at first when you get the hair extensions done. But if the discomfort remains then it might mean that you are allergic to the glue or the chemical used in the extension or that your scalp is too sensitive.

    Take Away

    Everyone wants to look good for themselves or to party or look professional yet sexy at the job interview. Hair extensions are one of the best options to choose. You’ll be the new you. But if you’re new and you do not know if you’re allergic to the products used on hair extension. You need to go to the stylist and get it removed immediately before you damage your hair permanently.

    Ariana Mortenson
    Ariana Mortenson
    Ariana Mortenson is a professional writer and blogger. She writes on various niches in a way that it’s understandable and she aims to achieve a difference through my writing which allows you to make informed and valuable choices.

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