Most trending costumes of all time

    We all love to spend a lot of time on shopping and styling costumes for Christmas & Halloween. Even when we are not looking for them, we always tend to wander about them. Moving towards the end of the year, 2019 will come up new dreams, aims, goals and latest fashion costumes. Get your closet ready, 2019 is here

    Let’s look into latest costumes you must have in your closet:-

    According to a survey, we spend more money on Costumes  than on decoration, food and parties. It isn’t a surprise at all that this is the fact and we accept that, right?

    Black Panther Costumes:-

    Remember how T’Challa defeated Killmonger in the movie? Well, it was all its kindness, courage and the super advanced suit. There is no doubt Black Panther is in the list. The movie broke all the blockbuster records & its hype isn’t slowing down.

    Until, the sequel of Black Panther is out; we have to be okay with its costumes only. Get your T’Challa costume early before the endgame is out, or before they’re sold out. Wakanda Forever! There is variety of black panther costumes for adults and even for kids.

    Incredible Elastigirl Costume: –

    Elastigirl is back in the business and nobody can stop her from defeating Screenslaver! But she needs a brand new look for crime fighting this time- sshhhh…don’t tell Edna Mode about it.

    The bright red colored suit in the first film was just outstanding but the new one, it’s just awesome! Along with marvel heroes, The Incredibles are rocking the blockbuster by gaining all love and support from the viewers.

    How wonderful it would be if you get a chance to be elastigirl! You can wear her costume until she’s back again in the hero business. Feel like you are on a move to save the world by wearing elatigirl costume.

    Stranger Things Demogorgon Costume: –

    Trust me, without it, there would be no show! The super hit series on Netflix, Stranger Things’ Demogorgon is becoming popular these days after the trailer of its 3rd season busted out. It has been at the center of both the seasons and its success.

    Demogorgon is very happy from the success of this show and becoming the most loved villain and creature of all time. Go and grab your Demogorgon costume now, show all your love before its slipped back into upside-down for good.

    The Nun Costume

    The evilest costume you can ever get! The conjuring Universe’s most horrible villain is now seeking churches and monastery for her ultimate demonic attack. Be careful, you might be her next target!

    This evil possesses an extra wickedness within; enabling her to disguise as a devout nun. Complete tunic from head to toe is now available in the online stores. Be the eye-catcher on the night of Halloween and get extra attention from the Conjuring lovers.

    Patrolling the monastery halls during the midnights, this demon is able to blend in with the holiest person which is a terrifying reality and perhaps the scariest quality of her.

    Brave Red Maiden Costume: –

    The iconic red cloak from the brave red Maiden, Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” has become a feminist symbol of protest against women’s oppression around the world. Winning 8 Primetime Emmy Awards, this movie has acclaimed great critical response from the viewers.

    Show all your love and respect to the brave maiden by wearing a red hooded tunic. The robe and bonnet will have you a look just like Offred and the other handmaids in Gilead.

    Dora Milaje Costume

    You too can be the strong and loved woman that everybody loved in Black Panther. Her super cool costumes come with tunic attached with belt, gauntlets and pants with boots. Show everybody the true meaning of girl power by putting on Dora Milaje’s costume.

    Celebrate one of the most loved & the biggest movies of the year with a costume which is an attention grabbing & conversation starting. Join Forces with your lady gang and fight to defend Wakanda. Hey, be sure to pick up the spear to complete the look. Wakanda Forever!

    Belle Costume:-

    Hey, who doesn’t want to dress up like Emma Watson from “Beauty and the Beast?” As a star of Disney’s live action and most loved movie, wear this signature yellow Belle costume and look like a real princess and the love of the Beast.

    Relive the old tales of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” with your partner. Be the beauty of the night of Halloween, wear the Belle ball gown which will make you look and feel like Disney Princess

    Frozone Costume:-

    Any Character that Samuel L. Jackson plays comes out pretty much amazing. His appearance Join the forces with the incredibles and fight the evil by their side. He has a signature blue and white costume with an eye mask which makes him super cool in his outfit.

    Dress up like Mr. Incredible’s best friend and join him to fight the new enemy in the town with icy powers.

    At the End…

    These were some of the best costumes of all time. Don’t think these are the only ones, but they are my favorite. There are thousands of costumes available in the market you can get even at the last moment of time.

    Whether or not you are a fan of superheroes, you will definitely love to wear their costumes on Halloween & on Christmas because that’s what trending these days.

    Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown is a content writer at CostumesJoy, born and residing in Seattle, Washington. He has a knack of reading up newspaper articles and coming up with summaries and points of view, hence taking up a profession similar to his interest. Simply covering events and activities is something he can do as good as a professional, but he seems to enjoy writing on events that need viewpoints and suggestions.

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