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    Shopping trends has been continuously changing since its inception, Earlier there were sale executives used to visit the houses of the families showing the products to the house wife’s and making their earnings. Things started to get change, India changed into modern Country majority of young generation started their careers , influx of working women in the society changed the pattern of the Shopping. Technologies started coming to the nation breaking the barriers reaching villages connecting the whole country this lead to generation of Online Shopping trends in Country.

    Quality and Variety delivered

    Today’s generation is always in a state of hurry they want everything quality, diversity and different styles and also the important commodity “the optimal price”.This has made feasible by the online shopping portals such as myntra, snapdeal, jabong, etc.

    These online retailers has received the major traffic of the buyers as they offer optimal prices consolidated by the different deals. These online stores use specially designed and developed GUI (Graphical User Interface) which even sometimes compels the viewers to click and get embezzled by the deals offered by these online shopping portals.

    Online Shopping Portals entices the buyers with not only by the discounts offered but also by showing the product pictures in a detailed preview. Specially Models are hired to wear and show the consumers the class looks they can get after using the products. For Instance, clothing apparels put on by the models shows the perfect view the consumers can take and feel. Buyer purchasing Clothing apparels do not need to conceive how they will look after wearing the specific product they are targeting.


    Myntra offers the payment option dreamed by everyone i.e Cash on Delivery, majority of buyers need trust which was facilitated by this option. Slowly, these online shopping retailers have gone into the blood of the buyers winning their trust by supplying the specified product at the right time with the same quality of Stuffs shown on the site of online store. In case of any discrepancy, these online stores are very keen to comprehend and provide the resolution of the problem faced by the consumers.

    In case of Clothing, buyers can only the looks of the kurtis, jeans , skirts etc , but they are not sure If the clothing material is comfortable to them , these outstanding issues are taken care by the policy of returning the item as per the return policy.

    The return policy is different for different products generally varies between 10 days to 30 days to report the issues if any.

    Shopping can be easily done with class products and at the optimal price during MYNTRA SALE which attracts the buyers to save and shop more from the online stores. During the SALE, you can get fantastic discount coupons from Myntra.  Myntra now has opened the retail stores in different malls you now have the option to shop online and offline from the mytra brand. Myntra help to bring all the big brand at one place and offers discount by cutting the expenses incurred from wholesalers and retailers.

    So Shop to the fullest as online shopping portals are there to provide what you can dream of and at dream price.

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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