The Best Fashion Tips For Petite Women

    Pants that are long, sleeves which hide even your fingers and shoes that fit loosely are common problems faced by petite women. According to Fashion industry standards, you are petite if you are less than 5’4. Most of the petite women view their small frame as a burden and not as an asset. But instead of apologizing for your height every time the shoe didn’t fit or the bag looked too big with your outfit, it’s time that you started understanding how Fashion can actually help you admire how you are. By relying on a few clever tricks, the day won’t be far when you will start to feel confident in your petiteness. Here are some of them:

    Do not ignore the neckline

    Have you been collar and band necks your entire life? No doubt, you are inflicting pain upon yourself. When it comes to choosing neckline, go with v-neck and scoops that will help you elongate your neckline. As a result, your whole look will get changed for the better because of it.

    Avoid over-sized bags

    Even if your whole outfit is perfect, the one thing which can bring down your entire look as well as make you look tinier than you are is an over-sized handbag. Over-sized handbags can overpower the whole look and make your look appear too busy. Say goodbye to them unless you really, really need them for a trip or something. Opt for small or mid-sized handbags.

    Choose shoes with a low vamp cut

    The vamp of the shoes means the area where it cuts across your foot at the front. Shoes with a low vamp cut are great in making legs look slimmer and longer. This is because they make more skin visible, as a result of which it gives the illusion of the same. Nude shoes are even better. Make them your best friends. You can add a variety of gorgeous pairs online to your closet and that too at low prices by using yepme coupons.

    Opt for clothes with vertical stripes

    Stripes are a big hit this season and especially because they have got a fresh remix this year. Vertical stripes have always been known to give the illusion of a leaner and longer look. Just another reason for you to shop for vertically striped clothing pieces and add a few inches to your height. Just ensure that the stripes aren’t very bold if you are petite as well as heavy. Sleek lines work best. And there’s no need for you to go searching for them outside when you can shop for a beautiful variety at discounted rates by availing koovs coupons via CashKaro from the comfort of your home itself.

    Say goodbye to drooping sleeves

    While this holds true for everyone, drooping sleeves look despicably bad on petite women. A top with sleeves sitting below your shoulders make for a horrid sight. Make sure that the fit of your top/jacket/shirt is such that the sleeves sit perfectly on the bony tops your shoulders. If the sleeves hit exactly at your waist area, it’s all the more better.

    Dress in one color

    By dressing in one color, you make the line which separates your bottom area and top area invisible. When you do this, you help your outfit in creating an illusion of a long frame. You can even match the shade of your shoes with the shade of your outfit.

    Pick narrow belts

    The one common mistake many petite women out there make is opting for a bulky and wide belt. A wide belt is a sure shot ticket for cutting your figure in half. You don’t want that to happen, right? Choose belts that are narrow if you have to wear them.

    Apart from these tips, always make sure that the fitting of your clothes is always a spot on! It will help you look sharp and polished each time. You can also follow blogs of Fashion bloggers who have a small height and learn styling tips from their outfits. Derive inspiration and tricks on how to look good in your petite frame from them.

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