What to Wear According To Your Body Type?

    Whether it is about party wear or casuals or anything else, every woman has a curiosity to know what best suits her according to her body type. The right kind of dress can not only help in pulling up your confidence but also help in making the right kind of impression on your viewers. Even the smallest things like the kind of t-shirts you wear or the screen printing they have can make a huge difference.  It is for this reason, trends like custom t shirts in OKC and other places has picked up a new height. Moving back to the core theme, every body type has specific requirements that need to be met. In order to help out people from such confusions, we have assembled some best choices that can help various body types with the most suitable attires:

    1. Hourglass Figures: If you are curvy with a small waist then you have an hourglass figure, your main goal should be to bring focus over your curves and not keep them hidden from others. This means you need to focus on your waist. The best options for one such figure include belted jackets, crop tops, wrap dresses, wide-leg pants, and pants with belted waist, pencil skirts, and so forth.
    2. Apple Figure: If most of your weight is centralized around your waist and the lower portion is slim and lighter one you have an apple kind of figure. You need to focus on minimizing your midsection and make your shoulders and legs the most noteworthy part. You can include a swing coat, a flowy top, a high-waisted circle skirt, a shift dress, as well as low waisted straight leg pants. All these will help avoid any kind of stomach bulges and highlight your well-shaped legs and make a stronger impression on your viewers.
    3. Banana: You are a banana if you are not very curvaceous and there is the least difference between the size of your hips and waist. The best things to try include a ruffled piece, slightly cropped tops and jackets that have banded bottoms, side-cutout dresses, tapered pants, mini skirt, and so forth. All these will emphasize those parts of your body that have more curves and some will help in the creation of an illusion of curves. The side cut out dress will help in give a smaller look to your hips and bust which means a better appearance and greater confidence – voila!!
    4. Pear Shape: This type of body type has most mass and width around the hips. You can give a try to off-shoulder tops, fit-and-flare dress, A-line dress, embellished top, boot-cut pants, a structured jacket, and bold prints. These will keep the focus limited to the upper half of your body and make your bottom appear smaller as compared to larger body type. The boot cut pants will offer one-two punch and will successfully draw eyes away from your large bottom, the hem balance out your body to give a well-proportioned look. For a better look, you can also watch or download facebook videos or download Instagram videos and see how they define all the details.

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    Alice Methew
    Alice Methew
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