How to use Instagram live like a pro: Awesome ideas that work

    In the recent tough times, Entrepreneurs of all industries such as fitness, entertainment and health are under striking pressure to carry out businesses from their homes. This is a kind of situation where they really have to keep improving their skills to amplify the entire business process. Instagram Live is one such excellent choice for entrepreneurs and business owners which they can straightaway use to create interesting advertisements about their brands and products and go live on Instagram. If you are a brand, making a shift to Instagram live helps you reach millions of people in your business journey who will eventually become your customers.

    Though live streaming has gained notable traction recently, it was initially overlooked and underestimated by several people. But now that Instagram algorithm has started recognizing content on Instagram live, the situation has become entirely different. Whenever you go live on Instagram, your audience will receive push notifications to let them know that you are on board. You are likely to get more benefits from using Instagram Live same as Instagram stories. The highlight is that livestreaming on Instagram helps you get genuine and real time comments from your audience which you can respond to immediately hence strengthening relationships. Are you looking out to create content on Instagram Live to market your virtual services? Read further to get effective tips that actually work to jumpstart your Instagram live.

    Instagram Live Tip #1: Free Up Your WiFi

    Recent studies report that the majority of American households had around 10 smart devices which clearly shows how rapidly IoT has evolved. Also it has been found that this number is multiplying continuously day by day. See to that you disable WiFi for smart devices in your home such as speakers, smart doorbells and smart security cameras whenever you decide you want to go live on Instagram. This is a mandatory step you should take to have the maximum bandwidth possible required for going live on Instagram. You can certainly avoid interferences- a lag in the internet connectivity which creates a pixelated feed which causes short circuits in livestreams. If you are using this feature frequently, you can connect your phone directly to your internet router through Ethernet cable.

    Instagram Live Tip #2: Make use of the split-screen live feature

    The speciality of Instagram Live is that it is possible to go live simultaneously from two accounts. Now that people are at home and spending more time on social media , this feature offers more variety and freshness. The following are the steps to create Instagram Live with two accounts:

    Firstly, the two people who want to live together must decide to co-host. Then one ofm might have to view the video before the other invites them to join the live stream.

    Now go live on Instagram and click the two faces icon at the bottom of the screen.

    All people who watch you live will appear as co-host options. You can now choose your guest and invite them to join the session. When they accept the invitation the split-screen will start appearing to the viewers who watch you. It may take some time (say 15 seconds) for people to get notified that you are on  a live session now. Prepare a short introduction about the live session before your guest arrives and joins the session.

    Remember to keep yourself and your stream presentable. Practicing to go live on Instagram with a dummy account can improve your confidence before you actually broadcast your live on Instagram.

    Instagram Live Tip #3: Use Story Highlights

    Instagram stories were introduced as a competition to Snapchat stories in 2016. Stories would disappear after 24 hours and so the highlights feature was introduced to show your story beyond 24 hours. Story highlights were introduced in 2017 and allows users to feature their past content along with a description. You can boost your live stream by creating story highlights. The number of people who watch your actual live stream will watch your replay rather than your actual live stream. When more replays are available, your content will be seen by more audiences. So, creating highlights about your live session is an excellent idea to boost user engagement when you are on Instagram live. Also, it is very easy to get a link from any stories post. Click “Copy Highlight Link” at the bottom of the screen to enable replaying your Instagram live video as source content for email marketing campaigns and cross promotion. This is an excellent way to acquire Instagram story views to boost brand promotion to the next level. Undoubtedly, this can lead you to reach a huge audience who will be constant viewers for your videos.

    Instagram Live Tip #4: Set You Phone to “Do Not Disturb” Mode

    After doing all preparations, you must ensure to put your phone in do not disturb mode because a sudden incoming call might spoil the total set up. When you get a phone call during a live stream, it interrupts and ends the live session abruptly which will disappoint your viewers who are eager to watch you on board. You might lose some of your followers and stop watching you from there on. Go to your Smartphone settings, and set “do not disturb” to on. This step must be added to your main checklist if you are the one to go live on Instagram often.

    Wrapping Up

    Instagram Live is now used by most entrepreneurs. If you are also one, you need to start using it with clever strategies to get the best from it.

    Marie Kyle
    Marie Kyle
    Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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