How much will an MBA cost in Germany?

    When deciding to seek admission to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, every student aspires to attend a top-ranked business school to pursue the degree. Statistically speaking, Germany is the first choice for many MBA aspirants from across the world. As German universities offer internationally recognised and competitive MBA degrees at an affordable price, much of the demand comes from foreign students.

    The report suggests that more than 400,000 students from different parts of the world are currently studying in Germany due to an outstanding higher education system, affordable cost of living, and opportunity to work during or after studies.

    Cost of an MBA course in Germany:

    While researching the best university to seek MBA in Germany, you must have encountered that the German government has waived off tuition fees for both international and domestic students in public universities in 2014. There’s no denying that the government of Germany has abolished tuition fees for students in public universities but asserting education is completely free in Germany will be keeping you in the dark.

    As a rule, public universities in Germany charge a small administration fee from students for offering tuition-free degrees. Besides this, tuition-free education is only available if you apply to certain degree programmes at German public universities. Whereas private educational institutions in Germany offer accredited, competitive degree programmes and high quality of education. However, you have to pay a costly tuition fee to earn a degree from private German universities.

    Nevertheless, some top-notch business schools in Germany’s Berlin offer MBA courses to students at relatively lower tuition fees. In fact, the cost of MBA courses in these noted business schools of Berlin is even fewer than their foreign counterparts. Suppose you wish to pursue a Global MBA in Germany’s Berlin. In that case, you need to spend around EUR 8,000 to earn the degree. Fortunately, these business schools also provide a Global MBA degree at just EUR 7,000 to early birds.

    Entry requirements for MBA courses in Germany:

    To enrol in MBA programme in German universities, you must

    1. be 21.
    2. have a strong undergraduate degree from a recognised college/university.
    3. possess a high school certificate.

    In case you do not meet the academic requirements of the course, the admissions team will assess you on your work experience. You must have at least three years of management experience to pursue MBA in Germany. Apart from this, you need to fulfil English language requirements. In this situation, you must have scored IELTS 6.0 (no less than 5.5 in any component). Please note that native English speakers who have completed their high school in English need not prove their English proficiency.

    Wrapping Up:

    Germany has a robust economy and numerous job opportunities for MBA graduates. Pursuing MBA from reputed business schools in Germany prepares you to become a successful business leader and allows you to navigate the challenges of the dynamic and highly competitive business world. So, what are you waiting for? Be an early bird to grab the discount on the course. Hurry up!

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