What Is the Extended Basic Science Program?

    An MD program is designed systematically to integrate the basic science and clinical medicine course over the duration of five years. The basic sciences in the MD program allow aspiring medical students to build a robust foundational knowledge of the field of medicine that can help them make the most out of the clinical medicine program. Moreover, the extended basic science program gives the students a better opportunity to excel academically by completing the course work in five-semester rather than the standard four semesters.

    Basic science programs are popular in the Caribbean medical school because they allow the students to develop their academic medical understanding in a unique manner. The Caribbean Island medical school is evolving as a lesser costly alternative than the medical program of the academically leading countries. Another reason for the island medical school gaining popularity is its higher intakes. Thus, when you apply to a Caribbean medical school, your chances of getting selected in the academic course increase. 

    A well-established Caribbean medical school offers a basic science program in the first five semesters. During this period, the expert and experienced faculties conduct intense classroom learning in small batches, ensuring optimum understanding of the subject matter. Pursuing a basic science program offers the students insights to succeed in their medical careers by learning in the rigorous medical school environment.

    The basic science course curriculum comprises the following major topics that are central to advanced medical knowledge. Here is the curriculum for the basic science program:

    Semester 1

    • Human Body Structure and Function
    • Human Histology and Physiology
    • Clinical skills l

    Semester 2

    • Metabolism and Nutrition
    • Genetics and Development
    • Infection/Defence/ and Response
    • Medical Ethics
    • Research Curriculum
    • Clinical skills ll

    Semester 3

    • Neuroscience and Neurology
    • System and Disease
    • Clinical Skills lll
    • Behavioral Medicine

    Semester 4

    • System and Disease ll
    • System and Disease ll
    • Clinical Skills lV

    Semester 5

    • System and Disease lV
    • Clinical Skill V
    • Foundations of Clinical Medicine
    • Research Curriculum

    The extensive knowledge of the topics mentioned above is crucial for aspiring medical students. When students enter the clinical medicine program with in-depth knowledge, they can smoothly transform into practicing doctors during their clinical medicine program. Aspiring students must look for a medical course that follows a basic science course curriculum. Hence, accreditated Caribbean medical school can be your gateway towards an industry-aligned and futuristic career in the ever-evolving medical field. The medical field has the potential to shape your entire professional career.

    The ambitious and hard-working individuals can enter the MD program to advance their medical studies. Suppose you are an aspiring individual with excellent problem-solving skills or looking at a rewarding career in medicine. In that case, learning a basic science program can set you on the right track to pursue your dream career.

    A well-structured basic science program in the island medical school can also prepare you with the United States Medical Licencing Examination (USMLE) Step 1. It is a three-step medical licensure test that can earn the medical graduates a license to begin their practice in medicine. Opt for a medical program in the Caribbean medical school and learn from the best faculties. Enroll yourself in an MD program to start your medical journey now!

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