Your ultimate guide to outperform your chemistry exam

    Are you a science student or someone who aspires to attempt the NEET examination this year? Then chemistry is one of the most important subjects that you have to study to score good marks in your exams. However, we all know that he acing this subject with excellent marks is nothing less than a challenge. There are lots of formulas, algebraic expressions and practical plus theoretical answers to learn and study in this subject. And even after this, there are fat chances of you scoring very good in this subject. But, if you follow this guide, you’ll definitely outperform in your chemistry exam and thank us for the same! 

    • The long days of studying — While you study the chemistry chapter 1 class 11 notes and other topics, keep this in mind that you just can’t master this subject overnight. You require days of learning and studying this subject to grasp the concepts correctly and perform well in the exams. With constant practicing for at least 2 to 3 months, you can be confident that you will gain more than 75% in your examinations. So, if you are preparing for the chemistry exams, you have to start at least six to eight  months before your exams. Ensure that you are including this subject at least thrice a week in your study schedule so that you are having consistent practice of the same.
    • Revise your maths — Before you refer to the chemistry chapter 1 class 11 notes and commence studying this subject, do brush up your previous year’s  maths a bit. Starting from the algebraic expressions, to the negative numbers, fraction and logarithms, give some time to practise each of these maths sums because chemistry has a little amount of each of them included. Once you are thorough with these mathematic sums, practicing and studying chemistry becomes for simpler for you.
    • Refer a nice study app — Study applications are very helpful to pass in examination and at any level. Whether it is your chemistry exam or physics, mathematics or competitive examinations, these applications help to prepare for the tests completely and without any more support required from other sources. You get the readymade solutions in them like chemistry chapter 1 class 11 notes and other ready made answers along with some practice sets and audio and video lectures in these study applications. You can follow the guidelines for chemistry exams in these applications and perform a lot better in your exams by studying accordingly.
    • The periodic tables are important too — The elements, their values and properties consist an essential part of chemistry. Missing them can deduct a lot of marks in your exams. However, many a time you are confused with the periodic tables of these elements and tend to perform wrongly in your exams. To get excellent marks in your examinations, ensure you are dedicating a lot of time learning and revising the periodic tables too. The periodic table trends can help to understand how to learn more complex concepts in chemistry, such as electronegativity, ionisation energy, atomic radius, and electron affinity. 
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