How to avoid injuries at the construction sites

    The health and safety hazards in the construction industry are more than in any other industry. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) one out of five workplace deaths include a construction worker. In most of the cases, work-related injuries leave workers impaired. Though these risks can not be eliminated fully, there are a number of precautions that can be taken to minimize the risk of getting injured and maintain a safe workplace environment. Some of them are stated below:

    Conduct Safety Training

    Companies should conduct safety training for employees aimed to providing them with the adequate knowledge and skills to maintain safety, as well as tips to deal with hazards in case of emergency situations that they may face on the job. Implementing effective health and safety training programs at your workplace result in fewer workplace accidents and injuries which increases the employee satisfaction and morale, and lower the cost of insurance for the organization. Safety training is essential to build an organizational culture where employee safety is at the forefront.

    Wear Protective Equipment

    Construction sites are full of unpredictable hazards and unexpected accidents. Wearing personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as PPE is equipment that when worn reduces the chances of getting injured at sites by forklifts, plants and sharp tools and protects workers from any physical harm or illness caused due to the contact with toxic chemicals. Some basic safety equipment includes hard hats, goggles, masks, gowns, shoe covers and construction gloves. The safety apparel and leather gloves for workers are the most essential safety gear that must be worn on all job sites.

    Avoid Manual Handling

    Always use trolleys to move objects from one place to another, as lifting heavy things manually can be  the leading cause of non-fatal injuries. It is therefore recommended, to get your material and supplies delivered near the site area where they are needed. If manual handling becomes essential, lift things with machinery or keep a correct posture while lifting manually.

    Keep Safety Exits Clear

    Maintain a clear exit route to get out of the building or construction site. There must be more than one exit which should be clear of any obstruction for the safety of all the workers in case of fire emergency or a natural disaster.

    Take Short Breaks

    Being stressed and tired at the workplace leads to burnout, which results in a number of workplace accidents due to lack of focus on work. Taking short breaks to prevent excessive fatigue so that you stay fresh and alert to the surroundings. It is best to complete challenging tasks in the morning when your productivity is higher.

    Access Potential Hazards

    Accessing potential hazards by doing frequent inspection helps spot dangers on the construction site to make it more safer and secure for workers. It also ensures that everyone is aware of potential hazards to carry out their work in a more alert manner.

    Communicate Safety Rules

    Creating safety rules to ensure a safe workplace environment is just the half work done, the other half is to make the workers aware of these rules and make sure that they implement them. Companies should also motivate employees to communicate any risk or hazard that they may notice.

    Maintenance of Machineries and Equipment

    A bi-annual or annual maintenance check or inspection of all equipment must be performed by organizations as broken parts or malfunctioning machines can cause serious harm to all the employees/workers. It is also important to communicate the malfunctioning of any machinery to ensure workplace safety. Further on, before using any machinery, equipment or tool workers must ensure to check them properly to check if they are working properly or not.

    Keep Your Workplace Clean

    Keeping the workplace clean and uncluttered reduces the risk of getting injured through slips and trips as the construction sites are full of hazards like uneven terrains, unused materials and heavy tools. To avoid any accidents, assign a specific place to keep tools, remove any clutter from the walkways and store materials and tools safely once finished with the work.

    Prevent Falls

    The leading cause of death at construction sites is due to falls. Therefore, it is essential to install proper fall protection systems at construction sites. Investing in good quality scaffolding, handrails, and personal protection equipment is mandatory for construction companies. For more insights of safety wear visit Elite Leather, the export quality leather gloves manufacturers.

    Creating a safety culture at the workplace not only benefits employees but also helps companies to increase productivity level, decrease business cost, and earn workers’ loyalty. Make sure that your workplace is secured for workers so that they can provide better services to you without worry.

    Kamil Riaz Kara
    Kamil Riaz Kara
    Kamil Riaz Kara is a digital marketer and blogger. As a writer, he wrote numerous articles on health and safety, technology, and marketing. Presently associated with digital marketing agency in Pakistan named Digital Eggheads.

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