Treadmill training to lose weight

    When you gain weight, the focus is on how to eliminate those extra pounds. It is at this moment when the decision is made to attend the gym. Weight loss training requires perseverance, discipline and willpower to start. An effective and practical option is the treadmill , excellent for losing weight because it allows you to exercise and lose weight progressively. There are those who prefer to run outdoors and enjoy the benefits of nature. But there are also those who feel good exercising in one place, opting for the treadmill.

    Most of the treadmills that exist in gyms have speed functions, others of inclination. For greater effectiveness, it is best to train under the supervision of a coach, who will perform the relevant evaluation and determine that running is the best option.

    Beginner Level

    It usually starts exercising with a speed level that allows you to run comfortably. The beginner level is the most appropriate. It’s about running 5 kilometers per hour. After some time you then pass to the intermediate level at a rate of 6 to 7 kilometers per hour. Finally you reach the advanced which is from 8 kilometers per hour, and so on, according to the resistance of the person.

    In some cases it is possible that the person, despite running daily on the tape or machine arranged for it, does not lose weight as expected. The cause for this may be the type of diet that is followed. It may also be due to metabolism or inadequate training. It is possible that it is not running correctly. Start a routine to pay attention to all the details indicated, either by the coach or by the instructions indicated by the machine.

    The treadmill is a highly effective exercise machine in the process of burning fat and calories in the comfort of home and a gym under the supervision of a trainer. It is simple and practical. Losing weight by running on conveyor belts that move according to the speed indicated by the coach or as chosen by the user, is quite feasible and, best, in a short time. This machine can work in walking or running mode continuously to perform the workouts that will be executed according to the amount of kilos that you want to lose.

    The main objective is to burn calories, tone muscles and improve the cardiovascular system. In short, have good physical health.

    Treadmill training to lose weight

    Tape training is not synonymous with ease. The routine may have additional resistance, that is, tilt the treadmill for more forced training. The goal as we said is to burn calories and for this you have to apply and execute various actions on the tape.

    Walk: setting a speed at a slower pace and progressing gradually. A good way to get better results is to walk 25 minutes and then jog around 45 minutes at a rapid pace.

    Walking hard: involves going at a faster pace with movements of the arms and torso. This type of training is more intense because its movements are faster and should be done for 40 minutes; followed by 2 sets of 15 minutes of slow walks.

    Burn fat on tape

    Training with combined with treadmill and strength: ideal when you want to get more benefits of the belt. Combine with force movements simultaneously when running or exercising on the belt. You must have an adequate weight by adding a few kilos on the wrists and ankles, combined with cardiovascular exercises, beneficial for the health of the heart and lungs. When performing each exercise, you should make sure you stretch your entire body well before you start using weights. This will increase the amount of calories and fat burned. What you should do is run on the treadmill by running a 45-minute training session as follows: run 10 minutes, repeat 3 times. Then walk 15 minutes to cool the body.

    Another training session on tape to lose weight: warm up for 15 minutes with a simple walk. Then accelerate the walk for 30 minutes. Then run for 30 minutes. Repeat the previous two steps for 5 times. 3 minutes walk to cool the body.

    Finally, a strength training session combined with a 60-minute treadmill can also be performed, which runs as follows: fast walking, for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Then perform strength training for 20 minutes.

    Selena Richard
    Selena Richard
    Selena is a blogger and a guest contributor for a well-known brand that includes MESHEBLE. In her leisure time, she plays tennis.

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