6 Foods & Drinks You Must Avoid During Hangover

If you’re a party person, I’m sure last night’s alcohol might have caused troubles for you on a number of occasions. We commonly discuss what to take when in hangover; nevertheless, it is also important to know what not take in such condition.

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The recovery can be hastened by rest, drinking good amounts of water, or eating a good breakfast. But, your breakfast should definitely avoid the following items:

1. Sandwiches

Bacon sandwiches and cheese sandwiches are definitely a no when you’ve got a hangover. The fat is going to make the situation worse leading to acidity, indigestion or even stomach upset. Instead you may opt for egg toast. You can also add some potatoes to them. It would meet all your nutritional need with overloading the system.

2. Greasy Food

The role of greasy food has been debatable in hangovers. However, it is advisable to avoid them altogether. All the fat is only going to irritate your stomach, lead to acidity or stomach upset. Instead, you can take a good greasy meal before you start drinking. It will make a grease layer on your stomach lining, thus protecting the lining against alcohol and decreasing their absorption rate. Even so if you’re fitness conscious greasy meals might not be for you.

3. Orange Juice

Orange juice can be of little help when the hangover has gone past the gut and banging on your head. But, while the stomach is still irritated from the alcohol you must avoid the juice. Citric acid is going to get deadly to the stomach lining. So, avoid.

4. Coffee

While caffeine might have a little benefit by stimulating the system and getting rid of fatigue, but since it is a diuretic the dehydration would be worsened and hence hangover would only be intensified. It’s better to switch to water, herbal tea or fresh fruit juices.

5. Meat

You’d want to avoid meat while in hangover. The last night’s alcohol would have the blood sugars already low. Stuffing yourself with a lot of protein without much carbs is going to make the situation worse. The result could be an intensified headache.

6. Alcohol

It is a common practice to get rid of hangover by drinking even more. That is bad. This method is known as hair of the dog. Hangover is a result of alcohol withdrawal, thus more alcohol get rid of the withdrawal. But, then, by drinking further is only going to bring you in an endless cycle of alcohol > withdrawal > hangover > alcohol >withdrawal > hangover. So say no to hair of the dog.

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