How Skin Color Relates to Picking a Skin Tightening Process

    Skin tightening is a very popular form of anti-aging treatment. But within that category there are many different possible procedures you could try. The problem is that they aren’t all good for you. Many factors can determine which skin procedures a person should or shouldn’t have. One of those factors is the color of the person’s skin.

    Dark Skin Can be Harder to Treat Safely

    If you have dark skin, your treatment options for things like wrinkles and scars may be a little more limited than the options of someone who has light colored skin. One reason for that is that dark skinned people often find that their skin secretes more natural oils. Therefore, any treatments that involve heat sources or chemicals could be bad because they can super heat the oils and burn the skin.

    A related issue is that the pores that release those oils can easily be irritated by certain treatments, especially those that “resurface” the outer layer of skin, like microdermabrasion and chemical peels. So, if your skin is oily, whether it happens to be dark or not, those sorts of procedures may be poor choices for you. That’s because they remove the skin’s top layer, exposing the pores and oil glands, which can make them go into over drive mode and make even more oil.

    The other issue with darker skin is that the melanocytes that produce melanin in the body are distributed differently in those with dark skin. Melanin is the component that determines the shade of someone’s skin. So, if your skin is dark and you have a treatment with something like a medical laser that can damage melanocytes, you could find yourself with discolored spots all over the treated section of your skin, which may or may not be permanent.

    Taking an Internal Approach to Treatment

    If you have dark skin, there are some lasers that may still work fine to treat it. Mostly you will want to look into mild, non-ablative treatments. That means laser devices that will treat the lower layers of your skin while leaving the outer layer and pores almost completely untouched. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about blisters, burns, or discolored skin patches.

    There are methods for tightening the skin that have nothing whatsoever to do with lasers. For instance, there are several sound wave therapy types that can reverse signs of aging and lessen the appearance of wrinkles for you. Radio frequency and ultrasound procedures are two of them.

    Consider All of the Factors Before Deciding

    Skin color is not the only deciding factor in picking a skin treatment. So, remember to think about other things, such as whether you are prone to acne, how severe or mild your skin problems are, and how invested you will be both time wise and financially in having treatments on a regular basis.

    If you’re not sure what other factors you need to think about before having a skin treatment, the best answer is to ask the experts. Those who work in skincare clinics are used to treating people with various skin concerns. So, they can definitely help you with your research process.

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