What is cataract surgery? Is it painful?

    Cataract surgeries are among the most frequently performed surgeries in India. Every hospital or health care center in India offers latest treatment options for cataract at affordable prices.

    Cataract is an ophthalmic condition where natural lenses of your eyes get clouded resulting in disturbed and blurred vision. As treatments are easily available, opting for one is essential to prevent the disease from getting worse leading to blindness.

    Doctors say that cataract mostly affects elderly people. And since getting under the knife seems a daunting and scary situation, most people tend to delay the surgery. As a result, this minor health ailment worsens and thus becomes a serious health condition.

    Therefore, this article aims at providing a brief understanding of the condition and measures of treatments.

    Why do you develop Cataract?

    • Cataract is an age related disorder and this means that taking proper eye care while you are still young is vital to avoid hassles later.
    • Diabetes is again considered a major causative reason behind cataract.
    • Genetic and family history
    • Other eye disorders such as severe myopia
    • Eye injuries and inflammation
    • Ophthalmic surgeries

    When do you need to see a doctor?

    Cataract can be easily treated if early diagnosis reveals situations. Knowing early symptoms will help you visit a doctor at an early stage. Listed below are some of the common symptoms of Cataract condition:

    • Seeing blurred or dim images
    • Very difficult to see during nights
    • Excess sensitivity to light
    • Seeing halos around light bulbs
    • Colors seem to fade away or turn yellow
    • Double vision

    How will your doctor diagnose cataract?

    Your doctor will first analyze your symptoms and levels of vision difficulties. Following which, some tests and examinations are carried out. All of those are discussed below:

    • Eye Chart: You will be asked to read an eye chart by your doctor. This is one of the most common and easiest examinations carried out for any type of vision loss.
    • Examining through slit lamp: Your doctor will use a slit lamp to view structures present in the front of your eyes. This method is not painful; although your eyes may get a little watery during the procedure. If cataract growth exists, your doctor will be able to view it now.
    • Using Ophthalmoscope: This is a retinal examination that is carried out using an ophthalmoscope. The procedure mainly examines your retina to know extent of cataract growth or other ailments.

    Are medications available for cataract cure?

    No. Cataracts can only be treated with surgeries. However, being diagnosed with cataracts does not suggest that you opt for an operation immediately. Get yourself tested and then You can always discuss with your doctor the best time to option for cataract surgery. In cases where you delay your surgery, medications and repeated followups are mandatory.

    Cataract Surgery – What is it all about?

    Open eye cataract surgeries have almost become obsolete now. Use of lasers is the most used surgical procedures for cataract removal.

    The aim of the procedure is to remove cloudy lens with Intra-ocular lens. The procedure takes around 10 – 15 minutes. Therefore, within an hour or two you are free to leave for your home post surgery.

    Anesthetic eye drops are administered so that you do not feel the pain during the procedure and still remain completely awake. Lasers are used to break infected natural lens that are removed by suction. Later an IOL is replaced. The power of the IOL that is to be implanted has to be calculated before hand. It is because of this reason that, preparing for cataract surgery requires around 20 – 25 days.

    Prior to operation, number of eye drops are prescribed and success rates depends upon how accurately you could use these eye drops.

    Cataracts in both eyes are never replaced on the same day. Therefore, if you are suffering from cataracts in both eyes, you will need to schedule for two appointments and surgeries.

    Life post surgery:

    Cataract surgeries gift you with normal visions and therefore a better life. Returning back to normal activities takes around a week’s time. A protective shield is given post surgery that is required to be worn for 2 – 3 days post surgery. This is important and governs the recovery period.

    However, do not drive or strain your eyes immediately after operation. You can get back to work within 2 weeks or even less time.

    This was all about cataract surgeries. Hope you have found this article useful.

    Pousali Dey
    Pousali Dey
    Pousali is an M.Phil in English literature and likes to explore genres related to arts and aesthetics. She is an ardent believer of the ‘learning, unlearning and relearning’ process. i would love to write a article on all health related topics.

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