7 Ways to make your summer pool party lit

    As the warm months begin the heat begins unbearable, all you can think about being at the pool. Host an exciting summer pool party, but before inviting your friends over for the perfect summer bash, there are seven things that you need to do to make your summer pool party lit.


    Cocktail party

    A pool party without any cocktails does not exist. Make vibrant fruity cocktails and put them around the pool for the guests to grab. Mai tais, margaritas, and mojitos will be the perfect refreshing poolside drinks for the guests. Find recipes and add small touches of your own such as mixing hints of watermelon or mango; a little improvising hurt nobody. In the case of a family event, make something for the children. You can make virgin versions of the poolside cocktails and punches that will leave them wanting more.

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    When you are having fun in a pool, you cannot skip the photography. Meanwhile, while everyone is in the water having the time of their life, it becomes tricky to get your photos taken and not let your mobile get dropped in the water. You have to get someone to photograph everything. You can ask a friend to do the job and make sure to tell them what type of picture you want to be taken. If there is no one available, a tripod will save the day. You can use a remote, set up a video and freeze frame the shots later, use a timer, or use time-lapse photo mode, it is totally up to you.

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    Outdoor summer party

    Having just a pool will not be enough, you need to create the summer vibe in your party and make it look refreshing. A pool party has to be more fun and simple rather than elegant. Adding different colors to the theme will give off summery vibes so try to pick shades of greens, pink, and purple and places them around the pool. Using small paper lanterns will add a sense of an outdoor fiesta. If you want to create a theme, vibrant flowers, bamboo details, and beach balls hanging from the ceiling/trees will do the trick. Throw some colorful balloons into the pool and let the fun begin.

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    Putting up bathrobes at a corner will make the pool party fancier without you having to put any extra effort. Make a separate section at the side of the pool where you hang bathrobes for the people who are coming out of the pool. It will save them the hassle of waiting around to get dry or they can just hang around in a bathrobe and be comfortable. To check out some amazing bathrobes/spa robes, click here.


    Games are not only for the kids, but adults also enjoy them too. On a hot summer day, the adults would love to spend their time playing in the pool. Throw fun colorful floating tubes and lounges for the guests to relax in the pool. This will add to the décor and will also provide a place to cool. Get a beach ball, set up a net for pool volleyball, and get everyone involved. Create a little competition all the while enjoying the water. You can also purchase some water balloons and inexpensive water guns for a water gun battle. Such activities will ensure that everyone has a fantastic time.



    A summer party would be incomplete without some delicious food. There are a variety of options such as hot dogs and sausages, casual burgers, or you can go with something like steaks, fish or kebabs. While you are grilling, make sure to follow the rules like do not let the grill sit for less than 30 minutes if you want best results and avoid lifting the lid of the grill every two minutes.


    Fruit Salad

    Serve sides along with the barbecue. Provide a spread of light summer salads that are something but traditional green or potato salad. Create a refreshing and light concoction from the kernels. There are also many salads that use broccoli, bright green asparagus, or kale. You can also serve fruit salads, which will provide a refreshing and sweet touch to your party. Add a hint of vibrant herbs to the fruit, such as mint, lavender, or rosemary, to make a unique dish.

    You have a variety of options when hosting a pool party. Try to be creative and have fun while planning the party. Vibrant decorations, impressive drinks, delicious barbecue and fun activities will make your party so much fun, and your guests will always remember it.

    Angela Miller
    Angela Miller
    Angela Miller is a fashion enthusiast based in the United States of America. She enjoys blogging and podcasting. She covers everything, from trends to personal comfort. She regularly posts her how-to articles at the Plush Necessities.

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