Beginner’s Tips For Growing A Beautiful and Healthy Garden

    One of the drawbacks of urbanization is the increase in the number of small houses and apartments with little or no space for gardens. Hence it’s becoming increasingly common for people to resort to either small scale gardening or container gardening on rooftops and small empty places around the house. But, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you are just starting to build that lovely garden of yours.

    These gardening ideas for balconies and rooftops will help you have your very own garden, simple and small.

    Know your plants

    Big or small, the most important thing to remember in gardening is knowing the plants. That is, not all plants grow well in every climate or on any kind of soil. Growing a plant is almost an art that can needs to be acquired. So, choose wisely and keep an eye on the plants from time to time. If you don’t have much time, opt for low maintenance seedlings.

    Never leave your tools out in the air

    Leaving your tools in the open is a complete no no. They’ll attract lots of dirt, moisture & get rusted as a result. It is always wise to clean and then keep the tools in a box filled with sand. This helps in prevention of rust and also gives you the option to stay organized.

    Design your no-stick shovel

    This is pretty easy to make. You can make a no-stick shovel for your little garden by spraying Teflon or silicone lubricant on the shovel. This makes cleaning of tools easier as any type of sand and dirt will slip right off the shovel with a Teflon coating.

    Keep a journal of the gardening activity

    Gardening is a great hobby indeed. But, you need to do a few little things to make sure that the little greenery you have created does not wither away. Maintain a journal with all the details of your garden. Attaching pictures of your plants with titles & captions can help you remember about the plants and also to keep track of their growth.

    Use a small sized compost bin

    Often times, we throw away rotten fruits and veggies. But, why to waste these while you can put the scrap to good use? Get a compost bin to create your own natural fertilizer with your kitchen scrap. If you’re growing plants in small spaces, the nutrients tend to get depleted quickly and need to be replenished on a regular basis so that your plants grow healthy and fast. This natural fertilizer would be easier on your pocket and will also help in the growth of your plants.

    Make a growth booster for your plants

    Other than the fertilizer described in the above point, you can also create another growth booster of your own at home. Before planting a sapling in the container or pot, put small quantities of Epsom Salt & Sugar in 1:1 ratio. This helps the plants to grow greener and larger even in the pots.

    Other than the above tips, remember to water your plants regularly. Water is the life saver! And it takes some time for the plants to grow. Thus, it is necessary for you to be patient. Hope these tips help you grow your own little garden.

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