5 Tips to Create An Organized & Productive Home Office

    When you are working at an office, you can’t control your surroundings much, which can affect your productivity immensely. But at home, you can take charge of everything. Working from a home office not only saves your travel time and fuel money, but also gives you the freedom to design a space you desire. Creating the environment that suits you will make you more efficient and focused.

    Even though it’s easy to get distracted at home by family demands, pending chores or nearby TV, but following certain rules can make working from home your best work experience. Here are 5 awesome tips to help you create an organized home office to maximize your productivity.

    Find the Perfect Place

    No one can concentrate on work in the middle of a noisy room! The first thing you must do is to find a peaceful and disturbance-free area in your home. Whether it’s a separate room or a quiet corner, make sure to keep it for work only. Keeping all the distractions out of sight will help you stay focused. Dedicating a specific work zone will motivate you to start working as soon as you go in that area.

    Make it Comfortable

    Making your workspace comfy should be your top priority. It’s really hard to pay attention to your tasks if you are straining to see the computer or have a hurting back. You would stay healthy and be able to focus more if you are relaxed and comfortable. Therefore, you must splurge on a high-quality ergonomic chair along with an ottoman to rest your feet. Always keep your computer screen at your eye level. To further enhance your work experience, consider getting an ergonomic mouse shaped to fit your hand and soft keyboard pads to prevent hand or wrist pain.

    Keep it Well-Organized

    Mess invites stress and lethargy which are incredibly destructive to a healthy working environment. Hence, get rid of all the clutter from your workspace. Things tend to pile up on the desk over time. Remove the stuff that you don’t use on a daily basis. Organize the remaining stuff using different storage solutions. Get filing cabinets to sort out the papers in order. Install wall shelves to arrange books and miscellaneous items. Tidying up will clear your mind and improve your concentration on work.

    Give it a Motivational Make-Over

    Set up an atmosphere in your work zone that boosts positive energy and inspires you to perform better. Paint the walls a pleasant and soothing color. To make it more appealing, add a nice vibrant rug, green plants in a corner and a beautiful piece of art on the wall. You can also include some personal photographs or motivational quotes to inspire you.


    Lighting is the key factor in enhancing the ambiance of your workspace. The wrong light intensity can not only ruin the aura of a room, but it is also not good for your well-being.

    Try placing your desk near a window to take maximum benefit of the natural light. Moreover, illuminate the area with multiple sources of overhead and task lights. Make sure that overall the lighting is not harsh otherwise; it will strain your eyes. It’s best to have dimmer switches so that you can control the light intensity depending upon your requirement.

    This post was written by Sadia Suhail. She loves interior decor, home décor and art & craft.

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