Different kitchen cabinet door types and styles [Infographic]

    Since kitchen cabinet doors take up a large portion of the cabinet’s exterior, people tend to notice them first before the other parts of the cabinet. Since the doors are the most noticeable, they are also the most customizable, allowing owners to personalize them to have a sense of originality.

    A customized kitchen cabinet door not only reflects the owner’s taste in design, but it also enhances both the durability and functionality of the cabinetry.

    There are three types of cabinet doors, the Full Overlay, Partial Overlay, and Inset Cabinet Doors.

    Attached to the cabinets themselves are the Full Overlay cabinet doors which conceal most of the cabinet’s surface. There is nearly no gap present between the cabinet units due to full overlay doors.

    Similar to full overlay doors, Partial Overlay cabinet doors are alike besides the fact that it only partially covers the cabinet’s surface. There are wider gaps present between the door and the drawer. Most apartments and other low-end establishments use partial overlay doors in their kitchens.

    Inset Cabinet doors are different from the overlay types since inset doors are installed on the cabinet’s frame, keeping it from covering any part of the cabinet. Inset cabinet doors are of an advanced design that requires both the skills and craftsmanship of experienced cabinet makers.

    There are several styles of kitchen cabinet doors that include the recessed panel doors, raised panel doors, slab doors, and open frame doors.

    Recessed Panel doors have panels engraved on them in a slightly hollow position. Due to their design, such doors give off a clean and sleek design that’s compatible with a kitchen that has contemporary and retro designs.

    Raised Panel doors have raised panels that make the door the main point of view.

    There are other styles of kitchen cabinet doors that can suit the needs of a particular kitchen either by reinforcing the cabinet or allowing for a transparent view of its contents. For more information on the different types and styles of kitchen cabinet doors, see this infographic by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

    Different kitchen cabinet door types and styles [Infographic] 3

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