Home upgrades: Ways to update your home without major renovations

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A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience.Sydney Smith

No matter where we live, all of us have that universal craving and innate penchant for a comfortable home. A home that is regarded more than just our shelter and the place where we return to after a long day, but rather we want our homes to be a form of sanctuary. In this way, not only would we be proud to call it our own, but we do not need to go too far to seek solitary comfort. Unfortunately, while all of us may desire a cozy and well-designed home, it is not always possible to upgrade or update your home through renovations. More often than not, this stems from either financial or building constraints—the latter of which applies to individuals living in condos or rented properties. In another case, a home upgrade might be impossible because there are some of us who cannot distinguish a table saw and a drill which can spell a disaster if we attempted any DIY renovation work. However, just because you do not have the skill, talent or money to do any major renovation work does not mean you cannot.

If you are looking for a quick update of your homes (whether you are living in a Cebu condo or elsewhere), look down below for tips and techniques as to how to upgrade your home sans any major renovation work:

1.) Create an open space in your home

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Modern home designs have rendered isolated rooms with specific functions obsolete. In this regard, formal dining rooms are going to be considered vastly out of style in the coming years. Today, a recent trend of open floor plan houses has been making rounds wherein the kitchen, family room and dining room share one vast open space. So, how do you do this without tearing walls? Well, more often than not, you simply just need to eliminate big and bulky furnishings, and you will achieve the same look without having to hammer down walls.

2.) Add new lighting to your homes

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If your home were a cake, the lighting would be the frosting in such a way that without it, the cake would look ordinary and bland. Proper lighting would enliven any room in your homes. In this regard, poorly lit rooms would look dank and cramped whereas well-lit rooms look comfortable and welcoming. To illuminate your homes without adding any light sconces, simply purchase table lamps and floor lamps and strategically place them around the room. The tall ones should be in dark corners, and table lamps should be layered in side tables.

3.) Update drawer pulls, and door handles


Not only are dated fittings old-fashioned, but in a modern home, they can be an eyesore. If your fixtures are starting to rust or are no longer capable of usage, then replace them. Your kitchens and bathrooms should be free of worn and dirty handle pulls, knobs and faucets. Finishes ranged from gold, shiny stainless, aged copper to bronze so you can choose which ones look best for your bathroom and kitchens.

4.) Update your window treatments

Windows are often neglected and overlooked by homeowners who should not be the case as windows are great avenues for design options. In any case, never leave them bare and dress them up as there is a myriad of ways you can style them—even if you have a spectacular view from that same window. Should your window look out to sprawling mountains or a picturesque beach, frame it with stylish panels—leaving a majority of it open.

5.) Add Easy to Install and Remove Wallpaper

Sometimes all a room would need is fresh paint or new wallpaper to make it look fresh and welcoming again. So, remove those outdated wallpapers your Grandmother probably wallpapered her bathroom with and use the ones that are making a buzz in the market. Choose wallpaper in amazing graphics and patterns—ones that would make it seem like your room was designed by a professional. In this way, you would create interest in the room without integration too many furniture and decors and simply have the wallpaper as the focal aspect of a room.