The cost-effective and beautiful materials to use in your new home

    The choice of building material depends on the homeowner budget. Therefore, those who seek budget and who do not want to give up material feature and aesthetics have to selectsuitable building materials and finishes. In this blog, you will find the cost-effective materials that can serve as an inspiration for anyone who wants to build their dream home with quality material and economy.

    Concrete block

    The concrete block removes the use of physicalbasics and can be used with or without finishes, resulting in a brutalist and modern look. It will last longer and will look great if you polish it. It is considered as chic go-to material for those old and boring houses.

    Ecological brick

    Those who love the combination of economy and sustainability can build a house with ecological bricks or adobe, which translates as mud brick. Solid, strong and affordable mud bricks are widely used by the designers to create the fireplace and chimneys. Its raw finish attracts people and gives the ample of modern appeal.

    Demolition wood

    It is used as an alternative wood because it is more sustainable building material. This type of material is used by the people who love the rustic style and search economy. Even this type of wood gives you a better aesthetic than the new stuff.

    Sheet metal

    This type of material is usually used for roofing, and it is employed as a coating material, optimized by subsequent painting. In addition to durability and economy, the house exhibits a bold and contemporary appearance.

    Recycled palettes

    You might be aware of the multitude of finishing materials. It is the most effective way of saving money and reducing the ecological footprint of a building. You can cover the entire house with the help of pallets which can give your home a rustic touch.


    Drywall is created using galvanized steel and plasterboard sheets. The resulting will be a cleaner, efficient and economical piece of work. The use of drywall is suitable for indoors and dry areas. You just need to take care of the common plastering problems and need to know about how to fix a hole in a plaster wall.

    Granite floors

    Last on the list is the granite flooring. It is consisting of 80% cement and 20% further additives such as plastic seals and limestone. Due to its durability and easy maintenance, it is considering as the cheaper option.

    Prefabricated panels

    People are considering prefabricated panels as a cheaper option for home building material. They are available in varieties of colours, textures and patterns. Moreover, they have emerged to become one of the most important housing trends in recent years.


    Shipping containers are the solid structures that are now used for a house extension. They are popular as a building material because several companies use it at their construction or big site. They are cheaper than your standard home and gives you comfortable just like your standard home.

    Corrugated iron

    The black corrugated iron looks classier and covers the whole façade. It is considered as one of the cheapest and lightest materials for your dream home’s construction and transportation.

    Laminated bamboo

    As you know that bamboo is durable, has strength, flexible and environment friendly, it is considered as the budget-friendly building material. The bamboo material is more used in Asian regions. If you want to build the bamboo house, you need to be aware of the kind of bamboo is good for you because the long-lasting bamboos are harvested at a very specific point in the growing cycle.

    Iron beams

    They can do double duty in your home design. They can be used for creating your house’s base structure and will give an industrial-chic look. You can even decorate those irons beams to protect them from getting rusted.

    Simple brick

    Bricks are quite cheap and budget-friendly construction material. The only problem with brick is labour intensive. You will need labour to install and move the bricks and this raises the cost of installation. If you are thinking for a longer-term, then brick should be your ideal choice because it is cheap to maintain. Moreover, it looks better than any other material.

    Straw roof

    People are using the straw as a material for their roofing for thousands of years. The reason behind it is it’s often easily available. Which means it is cheaper and lighter to transport. So your primary cost of the labour charges will get reduced. In some Australian parts, it is fairly commonly used material, because it is quite cheap to install.

    Natural stone

    If you’re concerned about the excess heat, then consider natural stone as your building material. It will give you cool feeling during hot summer days and will give you heat during cold breeze winters. It can cost some extra dollars for its transportation and lifting cost. But once, you invest in this material, it will last forever.

    Solar tiles

    Convert your normal roofing with the solar tiles. It comes in dinner table-sized panels and gives you unbelievable benefits of solar energy. They are made to blend with the traditional roof tiles with the help of custom shingles. Generally, they come in small sizes but are aesthetically appealing. It works perfectly as both solar panels and as durable roof tiles.


    It’s possible to choose the cheap building materials that will help you by getting creative with lowering the cost of your new home. When you are finding how to build a cheap house, consider these above mention alternative materials for the construction of the entire home or various parts.

    Mike Morleye
    Mike Morleye
    Mike Morleye is a professional writer. He puts together his writing skills to share knowledge on diverse topics in a readable, understandable and appealing format.

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