A Thorough Guide On Whether You Should Pressure Wash Your House Or Not

    Everyone wants to have their house looking absolutely beautiful and clean. Pressure washing is the perfect way to get all the surfaces looking dirt free and shiny. However, simple damp clothes and everyday cleaning agents aren’t enough to remove the hard stains on the surfaces of our houses.

    The best way to remove all of the dirt you don’t want is to invest in professional cleaning services. Some go to hire expert residential cleaners. That would be enough to clean all the rooms inside. But what about the exterior of your house? For that you need to hire a pressure washing service.

    If you are not quite sure on whether you should do it or not. Here’s a through guide in figuring it out.

    Benefits of a Pressure Wash

    You should know about all the benefits that pressure cleaning service can provide you with. It will help you figure out whether it’s a good choice to spend money or not.

    Hard Stains Gone

    One of the main reasons why people go for this professional cleaning service is that it easily removes the most stubborn of stains. Yes, that means the stains that no abrasive brush or strong cleaning agent can remove. Say goodbye to all the annoying stains that have stuck on your house’s exterior for years.

    Difficult Spots Cleaned

    Some people think this professional method of cleaning cleans the surface focusing on the major parts only. On the contrary, it can go deep and clean all the hidden corners and spots in any surface that you wish to clean. All the spiderwebs, dust and grime are eradicated from the darkest of corners via this pressure washing method.

    Tells You About Maintenance Issues

    Once you get a good pressure wash service, you will be able to examine all of your house quite thoroughly. You will start to see some things that the dirt might have been ignore prior to the wash. For instance, you may find out that you need to varnish your house’s deck or that you may have to seal the floor of your garage. These and host of other maintenance issues would be revealed to you once the entire home is clean enough for you to see it.

    No Mold and Mildew

    Once the corners and hard spots are cleaned by the pressure washers, there would be absolutely no mold and mildew hiding anywhere. That means your house will have no foul smells and that there would be no health risks anymore either. Moreover, there is going to be no leakage anywhere in the roof because no mold would be there to cause any blockages.

    Attracts Buyers As It Increases Curb Appeal

    Any buyer would be willing to pay a good amount of price for any house that looks completely clean and fresh from the outside as well as the inside. Your house needs to be in tiptop shape before you look for potential buyers. The cleaner it looks the better your chances are of selling the house at a big profit.

    Makes the Landscape Look Good Too

    Just think of yourself as a buyer and you looking at a house with a great lawn but dirty siding. That would leave a bad impression on you and you would remember the dirty siding as opposed to the lovely garden. This is the point you should bear in mind if and when you are trying to sell your house. Hence, investing in pressure washing is a great idea. This is going to ensure you get a big profit later on.

    Hire a Professional You can Rely On

    Exterior Pressure Washing and any kind of pressure washing is no ordinary cleaning method. You need to be really trained and experienced in it. It is better if you trust on an experienced professional to do this task for you as there will e very less chances of damage being caused.

    Disadvantages of Pressure Washing

    You have to make a choice by considering at all sides. That means you need to look at certain drawbacks of this cleaning technique as well.

    Dangerous Method

    The machines used in this method are quite dangerous. They utilize a lot of pressure and if someone inexperienced is performing the washing, damage could be caused. Some people resort to doing it themselves and that is not advised. You should always look for a professional to do it for you and ensure that they are insured.

    Not Cheap

    This is a professional cleaning method after all. It’s not excessively expensive but it is not that cheap either. If you think doing this would be a financial burden for the month then you may have to delay the decision. Even if you want to buy the machine for yourself, it doesn’t come cheap!

    Can You Do It Yourself?

    Theoretically, yes you can. But you need to be highly educated on the whole process and how the machine operates. You cannot just wing it! As already mentioned earlier, it is a dangerous method that could inflict great harm on your body if you are not careful enough.

    Preparing for the Process

    Whenever you decide to pressure wash yourself, there are a couple of things you need to do.

    Clear out the way

    First and foremost, you should move out all the items that are sitting between your washed and the surface you wish to clean. That means you need to clean out all the debris as well.

    Wear Protective Gear

    You need to get yourself all the necessary protective gear such as clothing, gloves, glasses and even shoes. Moreover, you need to wear this at all times when you are cleaning the house with the pressure washer.

    Follow All the Instructions Carefully

    You should read up on all the instructions and safety protocols. The best thing to do is to get trained by it from a professional who is experienced int his process. You need to then follow all the instructions that are given. Otherwise, you would be injuring the surfaces of the house as well as yourself.

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