How to make your roof ready for winters

    During the winter season, the roof has to bear the cold wind and snowfall. So, you need to take steps to make sure your roof is ready to withstand the upcoming challenges. Here I would like to share some tips that can help in making your roof ready for the Winters.

    Inspect the gutters


    Gutters are the essential part of your roof and, for that reason, a necessary aspect of preparing your roof for winter. Clogged gutters and debris accumulation may lead to several problems at any time of the year but particularly during winter months. The main role of the drains is passing the rainwater and melted snow down away from your roof. That can prevent and protect you somehow from facing some severe problems and damages. You will experience water pooling in your roof, which may lead to water damage and subsequent leaks to the interior of your home. During wintertime, apart from this, your roof can be in a high possibility of ice dam formation.

    A number of these problems may be prevented or lessened by cleaning your gutters regularly. At least twice a year, its suggested to complete it and one of the times should be in the fall, just before winter starts. With proper security precautions and experience, a few homeowners may decide to do themselves, or you can hire a professional to do it. You need to clear out the branches, twigs, and debris out of the gutters, and also check the drains and downspouts for any clogs. As leaky gutters may also lead to water overflows apart from that, make sure that everything is secured and fitted. And you might have a gutter shield installed to limit the amount of debris that falls in.

    Inspect the attic


    The attic is one of the major parts of your home. Inspect attic for the insulation is important for the overall wellbeing of your roof because it keeps the heat on your own home where it should be and never escaping under the shingles at which it can cause ice dams and different problems. Check to be sure it’s not blocking anything like soffits or vents also that you have sufficient insulation. Additionally, check the attic roof for leaks, which, if left unrepaired, could cause mold to grow on your roof and in your residence.



    Checking shingles is very necessary. You may not be extremely suffering from any damages that could be in your roof. This includes missing tiles, small flows, as well as damaged roof shingles. A busted roof will not be able to resist the cold weather. It would be best if you were sure as you enter the winter season, your roof has no pre-existing harm. Engage any local roofing companies to execute an inspection and fix some damages your roof may have sustained.

    Install Snow Guard

    snow guard

    For those who have a shingle roof, then there is an elevated risk of this snow build-up (or an ice dam) around the roof, decreasing all at the same time causing injury or damage to your property and family members. Snow guards keep the snow build-up on the roof before it melts and drains off as being snowmelt. Snow guards can protect your roof efficiently.



    If you have a chimney, then you need to take a look at the flashing. It prevents melting ice, snow, and rain from getting into your house and causing damage, so it may need to be replaced if it’s old or coming off from your roof.

    Roof Flashing

    roof repair

    Flashing is among the components of one’s roof, which aids in preventing leaks. For that reason, any difficulties with it could lead to water damage and mold in your dwelling. Flashing is constructing from impervious material, such as galvanized or aluminum metal. It functions as yet another protective mechanism that directs the water off the roof also prevents its passage. Flashing is fixed over the intersections of the roof, on all the joints, so at the borders of skylights, about the areas where chimney interconnects along with the roof along with other similar areas.

    Strong storms and rain, as well as freezing temperatures, will often cause the flashing also to rust, and sometimes tear, loosen, uplift. To be able to avoid damages and a leak’s troubles that could amount to a high cost.  It is always highly recommended to inspect the flashing to make sure everything is in working order to avoid extra expenses.

    Preparing and inspecting the roof is a necessary part of the whole home improvement process. Inspecting roof regularly can help you to avoid big damage also, it can save extra expenses. The tips explained in the above blog can surely help in maintaining the roof to serve you last long.

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