Tips to Design Safe and Accessible Bathroom for All Ages

    Are you renovating or creating a new bathroom for your family? But do you know the problems behind bathroom renovation? How will you welcome visitors and family members?

    Is your bathroom enough for young and old family members? Is it the best bathroom renovation?

    While we are planning the design of our dream bathroom, the one thing we ignore is safety features. Minor alterations in the bathroom can change the look of the bathroom. And these particular changes can even make your bathroom safer. Going for the best bathroom renovation does not mean that you ignore the safety conditions. 

    Maintain a balance between the decor and the safety of the bathroom equally. This is your time to bring your vision to reality and enjoy a lovable functional space. 

    There are a few things to consider for the best bathroom renovation. And also to make sure that the bathroom is safe for all ages.

    Tips for a Safe and Accessible Bathroom for all Ages

    1. Space to Move

    Though the interior architect gives you the design and placement of the bathroom according to the remaining home. But for the best bathroom renovation, you need to utilize as much space as you can. A spacious bathroom allows you to walk freely and is safer. 

    For a senior citizen or a person with a disability, it becomes difficult to walk with a wheelchair in a small space. More space means that your young children can have their best free time in a spacious bathroom. 

    Another reason to include more space in the bathroom is to increase the storage capacity of the bathroom. It will help you to arrange the bathroom essentials in a systematic order. And would be easy to access.

    2. Special Focus to Sinks, Cabinets, and Counters

    For the best bathroom renovation, you can install or replace the old sinks, cabinet, and counter with those with a lever design. I recommend these because they are simple to use and do not involve the difficulty of twisting and turning. In the market, you will get thousands of varieties of lever designs. Therefore, choose the one with an elegant look yet functional.

    You can also give a contrasting color countertop to the counter. It would balance the color scheme and will be helpful for those with diminishing eyesight. The curves in the edges will ensure that you do not get any bruises or cuts while taking the shower.

    3. Take Care of The Bathroom Lighting

    The bathroom should have enough sunlight as well as artificial lights. The best bathroom renovation takes care of the brightness of their bathroom. More light in the bathroom would help you to keep it fresh. Because due to enough sunlight and air, moisture will not develop on the walls.

    In shadow areas, fans and eclectic bulbs become even more vital. They illuminate the place, and a fresh breeze goes everywhere.

    4. Flooring

    The cases of bathroom falls are tremendous. And bathroom falls only occur if the floor is wet. The best bathroom renovation means that the bathroom looks magnificent but safe at the same time. Because the bathroom fall cases are growing, therefore choose the bathroom floor with extra caution. For example- water with slick tiles is not a worthy combination. Hence, you can always opt for anti-slip or vinyl tiles.

    The ceramic industry has made a slip-resistance test product so that you get the best bathroom renovation. The products before dispatching go through the slip resistance test to attain extra surety. 

    While purchasing the tiles for your floor, tell the salesperson that you want the tile to have a dynamic coefficient of friction of 0.42 or higher. The more the coefficient of friction- the lesser you will slip on the floor. Such flooring is suitable for senior citizens and toddlers.

    If you are wondering about a rug or towel mat, you should stop right now. The rug or a towel mat is the most dangerous because they can slip anytime from underfoot. It can cause damage to the person. 

    5. Showers and Baths

    For the best bathroom renovation, you can incorporate slip-resistant bath areas and bathtubs. As it is vital to have non-slip flooring, similarly a non-slip bathtub is also significant. By doing it you can keep your entire bathing experience safe.

    Let us know your ideas for the best bathroom renovation.

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