Practical Tips to Save Money for Big Trip

If you want to explore the world and think traveling is expensive, then you are not right totally. If you don’t have savings, it may seem as unobtainable goal. No doubt, coddiwompling isn’t free, but there are many ways to cut down your expenditure and save for travelling. Even if your income is in four figures, with little determination and sacrifice, you can save money to travel to your dream place. Excited to know? Below given is rundown for this, but foremost tip to save huge is to choose best travel agency to book cheapest tickets:

Travel in public transport

Person who owns a vehicle knows it well how quickly vehicle can empty your bank accounts. So, instead of using personal vehicle, opt for public transport, walk or invest in car pooling program. The public transport can cost you around $30 per month and car sharing program will help to save $25 to $300 per month. Isn’t that whopping saving?

Cook at home

Instead of paying bills in restaurants, purchase fresh groceries and cook at home. You can cook dishes without going out of budget and take leftovers for lunch. It may be time consuming, but don’t forget that it is cost-effective as well as healthy too. You can save $45 per week with this tip.

Avoid spa and salon

Avoid taking dye jobs, haircuts, wax and nail care often. There are oodles of ways to look gorgeous by spending small or with DIYs such as facial, painting nails, pedicure, manicure, hair color at home and more. If you will follow this tip, you can save $200-$500 annually.

Cut down power, water and gas bills

Turn off faucet when not brushing teeth, unplug appliances when not using, avoiding blow-drying, all these are ways to cut down on bills. Keep central air at milder temperature because for every 1 degree you can save up to 5 % of your monthly bill. In total, you can save up to $50 monthly.

Take second job

If you have time after your regular job, take freelancing work as per your skill sets. This will help you to earn extra. Most of the times there are jobs in apartment complex such as baby sitting, dog walking, etc., which you can choose depending on your interest. With these second jobs, you can earn $40 to $90 per month.

Save on costly coffee drinks

Leaving coffee is impossible, so rather than avoiding it completely, try to make it of your own. Or you can choose drip coffee which will save $1000 per annum. Even better would be to choose a drip coffee maker and make your own coffee.

Remove cable TV

We usually pay $150 per month for TV cable which is equal to $1800 per annum. Rather than paying this amount, choose Netflix which will cost $10 per month.

Purchase second-hand clothing

New clothes are expensive; to save big, purchase second hand clothes. You will save about 75% and still look gorgeous in second hand clothes.

Save on movies

Rather than spending money and time in PVR for new movie, wait for few months and rent a movie. You can also choose Red Box movies or Netflix, which helps to save $40 per month.

In the end, following these tips to save money for travelling can be challenging, but results are fruitful. Remember, no one can compel you to spend money until you want to spend of your own.

Practical Tips to Save Money for Big Trip 3
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