Top 10 Birthday Present Plans to Surprise Your Loved Ones 

valentines day gift ideas

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It is that time of year again that your loved one expects a lovely birthday gift from you. Getting the best birthday gift for them is hard especially when you have already presented most of the gifts to them in the past. Sometimes you don’t feel like the gift is good enough just because it was inexpensive. This should not be the case. Any birthday present can impress provided you gave it your all by putting more effort. I always say that an impressive gift comes from the heart and it’s not determined by how deep your pockets are. With that few sentiments about gifts, let’s now dive in to explore several birthday gifts that are inspiring.

A Homemade Chocolate Cake

Homemade Cake 

Why homemade you ask? Because you will put in some efforts to prepare the gift and touching gifts are all about efforts. The beauty of cakes is that they are not so hard to prepare or bake. If you have all the ingredients needed you simply need a recipe on how to prepare a chocolate cake and you are sorted. You can ask your mum, aunt or grandmother to help you with that. Make sure that you wrap the gift well to make a stunning impression of the celebrant. You can present this gift with a lovely bouquet of birthday flowers.

A Smartphone

Smartphone gift

She has just turned 18 and wants to get in touch with her friends from all over the world thanks to social media networks. Why not get her that fancy Smartphone that she has always desired? Girls love their phones and always want to look good when they are making calls or simply chatting on them. If you can afford the latest Smartphone in the market you can buy her a beautiful cover in her favorite color. This impressive gift will impress any special lady who is always on her phone. The cover is just like a beautiful dress for her gadget.

A photo collage

Birthday pics

A photo collage is also a nice gift for two in love. It presents a wonderful chance to share all your beautiful moments as you celebrate this wonderful occasion. Look for your old nicely taken photos and put them together to form a unique photo collage. The best thing about this unique gift is that distance is no problem and you can always send it using your phone. You can personalize it by colorfully writing their names on the collage. If they are close to you, then you can create one using physical photographs.

Bluetooth Speakers

portable speaker with mobile phone

If your boyfriend is turning 21, the best way to maintain that beautiful smile of his is to buy him what he’s always wanted. Bluetooth speakers are great entertainment devices that allow someone to connect to any electrical device like phones, stereo, or even televisions. He can listen to his favorite music or watch movies with quality sounds. Bluetooth speakers are available in different brands, therefore, get him his favorite brand. Make it even better with a beautiful flower arrangement from the best birthday flower delivery.

Go for a Picnic


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Picnics are also wonderful presents to celebrate a loved one’s birthday. This is a perfect gift for persons of all ages. Picnics also present a great opportunity to catch up on old times and share good times. You can do it as a couple or invite close friends and loved ones to make it grand. You can also make all the things a surprise. Just set up the picnic site and tell the celebrant to take a walk and that where you surprise them with this wonderful birthday present. You can decorate the picnic site with beautiful birthday bouquets.

A treasure hunt 

Kids love treasure hunt which reminds them of Easter. If the person celebrating his or her birthday is a child, you can make their birthday special by hiding a birthday gift and let them try to find it by giving out clues as directions to your home find it. You can hide these gifts in various places in the house or the back yard. This makes it fun and exciting. You can use a single gift or hide several gifts so that one gift provides clues on how to find other gifts. Invite friends to cheer them up as they try to hunt for gifts.

Buy Them Cute Pet

easter pet

Kids also love pets, they are very cute especially smalls ones like puppies, kittens, and small birds. If your child is the caring type, you can buy them a pet so that they can develop a sense of responsibility as they take care of them. Even adults love pets and not just kids, so impress your girlfriend on her birthday with a cute puppy or any pet she fancies. Just make sure that they are not allergic to far.

A Dinners Date for Two 

Dinner Party at Home

You have been together for a few weeks but haven’t had that opportunity to go for a dinner date. Her birthday presents a great opportunity to treat her out. It doesn’t have to be a fancy expensive hotel, just good enough to make her birthday special. You can also have it catered to so that you can just sit and enjoy the night.

Have a Movie Night 

You have had a long day and need to relax while watching a rerun of your favorite movie series or movies. Set the scene with beautiful floral gifts and dim the lights and enjoy the night away as you enjoy each other’s company. This is a wonderful gift to impress your loved ones.

Give Them Homemade Treats 

caucasian family having food at dining table

Besides a cake, there are plenty of other homemade delicacies that you can prepare for your spouse or lover. You can prepare cookies, special cuisines, or try out a dish that you saw on the food channel. This is a perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend since the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Set the scene with lovely birthday flowers to make it grand.