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    Tired of going to pubs and bars to spend the weekend and want something more productive and natural to spend your time with. Trekking is just the right thing for you to do as it’ll refresh your mind and body and take you away from the stress and monotonous lifestyle of cities.  Looking for a short relaxing and a bit of adventurous destination for spending the weekend can be hard. There are so many options but everything has some or the other problem with it. From being far and being monotonous and sometimes being expensive too, it’s really difficult to find a perfect weekend spot for yourself for the weekend. Wanting to start your adventure journey in the field of Himalayan Trekking can be difficult. Tired of going to pubs and bars to spend the weekend and want something more productive and natural to spend your time with. Trekking is just the right thing for you to do as it’ll refresh your mind and body and take you away from the stress and monotonous lifestyle of cities. 

    My Guide - NAG TIBBA TREK 1

    Some famous treks available in Himalayas are Kedarkantha, Brahmatal, Kuari Pass, Hampta Pass, Rupin Pass, Chopta Chandrashila, Bali Pass, and whatnot. But out of them all, only kedarkantha and Brahmatal are open for trek during the winter season and the rest are closed due to heavy snowfall. Another problem with the majority of these treks is the prior experience you need in the field of trekking as they all come in the category of moderate treks and difficult ones which takes you around 5-8days of trekking in the Himalayan region.


    This is where Nag Tibba trek comes into the picture. It is a very famous trek in the trekking circle as it is considered to be the best trek for the beginners which offers the trekkers every single thing they hope to get on a trek and that too without that much of hustle.

    It is kept in the category of easy trek but it is not that easy and requires good physical health to summit it. The terrain has different sections which are easy and plain at times but sometimes it’s steep and hard rocks on the way. During the winter season and post winter season you’ll be experiencing snow on the trail too which makes it a bit trickier to traverse through. During the summer season the temperatures are quite peaceful around the range of 25-30°C with a completely clear and well laid trail to trek and absolutely clear views of Dhauladhar Ranges. It might be tiring as the sun gets right at top of you and there’s no shade to hide. During the winter season, there’s a snow cover all along the trail which makes it a bit more difficult for those who have never been on snowy trails. But the views on reaching the top are just majestic and awe inspiring as you have a complete 360° of gigantic and snow laden Dhauladhar Ranges.


    The trek is perched at a height of 9,910ft and Serpent peak being the highest in the Garhwal Himalayas in the Uttrakhand region. The trek starts from a place which lies just 3 hours drive ahead of the famous hill station and popularly known as The Queen Of Hills, Mussoorie. The trek has a lot to offer to the trekkers as the temperatures are pleasant in the winter season with snow laden trails and clapped mountains. It is one of the best treks for beginners as the difficulty level of the trek is quite easy and can be done without any much prior experience in the trekking circle.

    The total distance that you are going to cover over the trek is 25km which is very much ideal for a beginners trek. You have an option of two routes for the trek, one from the Patwari village and the other one from Auntar village. These both serve as the base village for this trek. The trail is gentle at the start and gets a bit steeper in some parts till the time you reach a quiet small little village of Goat. After this village you’ll enter the forest section where the huge Deodar trees will engulf you in their arms and their misty smell will leave you mesmerized. The views are grand and will surely leave you stunned for the thing that you can get such views even on such a small and easy trek. The best part about the Nag Tibba trek is that you’ll be trekking a different route on your way down than the way you took going up which makes this trek even more interesting and thrilling. You get to see different sides of nature on your way. You’ll be camping at the Nag Tibba top in the snowy landscape. The sky is completely clear with stars, galaxies and constellations there to be admired. The next day you can trek back to the base village and rest there for the day or travel back to Mussoorie to explore the place.


    You can start the trek from any of the two villages of Auntar and Patwari with later being more famous when compared.nIt is just on the upper hills of Mussoorie which is a very famous hill station near Dehradun. You can take direct buses from Delhi and Chandigarh as they are frequently available overnight. Mussoorie itself has so many things to offer that it is an extremely popular tourist destination in Uttarakhand and especially in the winter months when the snow hits the ground. The place is easily accessible through public and private transport as the roads are pretty well maintained and can be driven comfortably.

    It is just a perfect start for the ones who are looking to kick start their trekking game in the Himalayas. This also serves as the perfect weekend getaway for working professionals who seek adventure and peace too from a short and peaceful weekend. If you are a travel freak and looking for a getaway spot then this is tailored for you.

    Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh is a budding writer in the travel industry and he's the author of the article My Guide-Nag Tibba Trek. An average college going student but a complete travel freak, he himself has traveled to many places in the Himalayan and the peninsular regions of India and is now sharing his expertise on the travel.

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