What is a Moveable Feast? Everything you need to Know about Moveable Feast.

    A feast is excellent to come together and eat. A movable feast is a feast that occurs on the same day every year but not on the same date. It is a special occasion where people get together to eat. 

    Sometimes, the food for the feast includes the transportation of the dish that you have prepared from one place to the other. Moving the food from one place to the other area to the other is the trickiest task to execute. Bringing the picnic plate to the desired location should not be damaged, and the ingredients of the delicious dish shall not disintegrate. 

    What are the tips and Tricks to execute a Movable Feast?

    You can follow these tips for a successful moveable feast for your occasions.

    Focus on the Protection of Sandwiches and Pies

    When you transport pies, cakes, and pastries, make sure to cool them on the wire rack. After you accomplish the cooling process, transfer these pastries into the tin. Such a process would help save from damage to fragile food items.

    When it comes to sandwiches, you first need to wrap the sandwiches in baking paper layers and after tying them from one end to the other, together, use another layer of foil paper to cover them and prevent leakage. You can keep the layer of the foil till the time you do not serve.

    Should you slice or not?

    It is easy to carry the cut-outs of pies, cakes, and other food items. But, you need to make sure that not every dish can be sent as individual pieces because it becomes difficult to layer the pieces with baking powder or padded paper towels.

    How to Avoid Leaks?

    The containers with liquid substances like sauce or juices should be leak-proof containers. If you want to add extra safety to the containers and prevent them from leakage, wrap it with a layer of clingfilm and make sure nothing falls off. The salads in advance should not be covered in advance because doing so will make them soggy and undesirable to eat. 

    Transport the items separately and thereby put them together at the end to serve the best and fresh experience.

    Maintain the Temperature?

    Take care of the temperature because the direct sun would destroy your food. Therefore, store everything in a cool box.

    Portion the Food Stuff?

    Make the portions according to the needs of a particular individual, and would also make your transportation easier because you will be moving the food in packages that would protect the damage, and neither will you squash the salad leaves.

    How to Maintain Safety?

    The safety of the food is vital because a feast would only turn out to be a feast when it is safe to eat. But how to check or keep the movable feast safe. The safety of food is essential for young children, senior citizens, pregnant women, people suffering from health problems, and people having allergies. Everyone needs to look at safety.

    The following steps will help you maintain safety-

    Keep Clean and use Disinfectant

    Cleanliness is necessary, and therefore washing the vegetables and food items is equally mandatory. Disinfect the cutlery is properly, and also the surfaces with which the cutlery will come in contact. Take care that the towels and cleaning cloth are not used more than once in a single day. Take that the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian food items are well separated during the cooking as well as during transportation and serving.

    Use a paper towel for cleaning the cutlery and your hands. Cleaning will only remove the dirt and some germs, but disinfection would permanently kill the bacteria. It would also protect you from catching severe health problems.

    No Cross-Contamination

    The meaning of cross-contamination is the transfer of bacteria or microorganisms from one object to the other without you getting any hint of it. And during a moveable feast, the chances of transfer of these bacteria would lead to different foodborne diseases. While you are chopping raw chicken, you unknowingly transfer the bacteria to the knife, the chopping board, and your hands. From your hands, these bacteria will spread all over where you touch.

    Some methods to avoid cross-contamination will include the separation of the food items. For example, keep the seafood, eggs, meat, and chicken away from the other food items and ingredients. In the refrigerator also keep such items in separate compartments. Do wash your hands properly after coming in contact with all these items. 

    Safety during Cooking.

    Hot food has always been preferred for ages. Why??

    Yes, hot food is tasty, but it also has several health benefits. Hot food is because the cooking has been undertaken at a high temperature, and as we all know cooking at high temperature kills bacteria. 

    Make sure that our food is cooked thoroughly and follow the cooking guides for accurate temperature and time of cooking.

    Follow the above tips and tricks to make your movable feast even better.

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