7 Eco-Friendly Lighting Tips for Your Home


       Everyone loves a comfortable home and nothing beats having perfect lighting to create a harmonious ambience. This sets the mood for how you live your day-to-day. Truly, there’s magic in using lights to get the best of every room. Lighting shapens the mood and dictates how we perceive a room’s depth in lieu of the colors in the space. It also helps in sustaining a healthy mental performance. If done right, this is quite a gem. 

      You would often see an individual or a family, move into a home without any plan for proper and strategic lighting. Thus, they deprive themselves of its many benefits. This article is aimed at helping you understand the important points to consider when lighting your home. 

    Install Motion Sensor Indoor Lights For Your Comfort

       Motion sensor lights are a beautiful addition to any home. Asides aesthetics, light has a significant impact on how energy efficient your home is. This is why these lights are the real deal. They are a product of recent advancements in lightbulb technology and can work either indoors or outdoors. However, the indoor ones are not as common as those for outdoors. 

      The ease of using sensor-activated lights boosts your sense of security and prevents you from striking your foot in the dark. Also, you can conserve power hereby, reducing your electric bills since the lights shut off when there’s no movement. Illuminate your porches, decks, garages e.t.c. with motion sensor lights and you need not worry about switches ever again. 

    Important Lighting Tips for You

      You would have seen a lot of information online on how to light your home in style, but here are some salient tips to consider before making the golden decision:

    1. Maximizing Natural Light

    This is the first and one of the most important rules of lighting: Always stay in a house with adequate lighting and space. It is as essential for a home to have sufficient natural light, as it is to use electrical lighting. The more options you have, the more drama and mystery you can depict with your room. However, you have to determine the extent of the natural illumination before layering it with additonal lights. You can look up the Department of Energy’s guidelines for window and skylight insulation. 

    2. Highlight Important Areas and Items Within Your Home

    If you love to decorate your walls with art, wall and spot lights work smoothly to highlight them in the room. Also, the ambience of each room within a house should be based on its functions. Picture the function of an area and creatively build different zones within it. This helps you feel really at peace, no matter the room you are in. With expert help, you can deftly switch between a variety of moods and sets. It’s up to you to create the magic you desire.

    3. Switch up your Lightbulb technology

    When choosing bulbs, it is important to pick one with a promise of sustainable light. You should consider the most energy-saving and least heat-producing lights for an optimal experience. It’s good to use flourescent or LED bulbs because they require a smaller amount of energy to produce light. Incandescent bulbs create waste heat and expend more energy to work. LED bulbs are the most desirable because they last longer and use even less energy compared to fluorescent lights. You should try buying an LED that’s made without heavy metals.

    4. Discover the Artist in You

    There are a good number of unique LED lighting fixtures and bulbs available on the market. Also, strip lights create some of the best light effects. Therefore, you can try out different designs with it without lights for a dramatic and mystical ambience. Confidently play around with colors, vintage designs and colored glass to show your creative side. With competent assistance, you can conjure a surreal atmosphere within your home. 

    5. Endeavor to light every part symmetrically 

    The symmetry of your lighting has to be spot on, to build a stimulating visual appeal. To shift focus to a mirror or piece of art, place table lamps on both sides for even lighting. Playing with the light directions helps you seamlessly manipulate the dimensions of your room. Uplighters for instance, add height while side lamps depth to the corners of the room. recommends turning off fluorescent lights, when there’s no one in the room for over 15 minutes.

    6. Create Layers of Lighting for Richer Tones 

    When lighting a room, we believe it’s best to find balance by aiming for multiple sources of light in every part. For small spaces, reduce the power of the bulb and the size of the light fixtures so they cover a smaller areas. A smooth blend of colors and complementing lighting gives off richer tones for a regal finish. 

    7. Don’t Leave Lights On 

    It’s good practice to always switch off the lights when leaving a room. This protects the bulbs in case of power surges. After fixing up your lighting, you have to learn to maintain your fixtures and promptly repair any damage. The ripple effect is seen in consequently reducing electric tariffs, which is another advantage of this healthy habit. 

    Why Invest In Clear LED Bulbs?

    LED bulbs are an established favorite in so many homes because of how energy efficient they are. Bulbs can be clear or frosted. But, the features of clear LED bulbs include: 

    • No special inner coatings
    • A lack of color or brightness 
    • Conserving energy due to its low energy consumption and highly efficient output. 

    Therefore, they give off light that is brighter and more suitable for everyday use in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. They are durable so you don’t have to worry about how long do led bulbs last. If you prefer a cool ambience, these clear LED bulbs would be a steal. Take full advantage of the inherent versatility your light fixture offers, by displaying your favorite bulbs.   


    What’s a house without lights? To live blissfully in a home, efforts must be made to imbibe eco-friendly lighting options in every room based on its vibe. This fosters an effortless connection between you and your surroundings. Therefore, we encourage you to pick an active interest in improving your lighting conditions. It would be the best decision you’ve made for your home. You deserve to have sustainable lighting solutions that make your home really comfortable. 

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