How to Choose the Right Solar Panel for your Home?

    Want a solar panel for your place. But uncertain about what to choose. The solar panel installers are the solution to your problem. The question might wander your mind.

    1. What factors should I consider before buying the solar panel?
    2. How to get clarity among different options available?
    3. Am I getting the right solar panel installer?

    From where you are purchasing the solar panel installers will provide you with quotations of different solar panels that he thinks are right for you. But, without the correct knowledge about solar panels, it becomes tough to decide.

    Therefore, today we will be discussing the factors to keep in mind before purchasing solar panel installers. It will also provide you with some extra knowledge about solar panels.

    Factors to Check Before Choosing Solar Panels

    There are a few factors or questions that you need to ask yourself before buying solar panel installers

    What is the Working of a Solar Panel? 

    The Working of the solar panel installers is necessary before you buy the solar panel for your place. The solar panels with Silicon generate electricity when the sun rays fall on them. In scientific language, you can call it the photovoltaic effect. The sun rays convert into Direct Current. And that’s how we receive electrical energy. 

    The inverter should be of good quality because it changes the direct current into an alternating current. Because our home requires alternating current.

    What is the Cost of Solar Panels?

    The current price of solar panel installers has different ranges. The solar system is of good quality, and the following are the price ranges-

    1. 3kW: $3500–5000
    2. 5kW: $4500–8000
    3. 6.6kW: $5500–9000
    4. 10kW: $8000–13,000

    Make sure to buy the solar panel whose price includes the usual rebates and incentives. Go for the product that uses good quality even if the prices are niche. Because solar panel installers are unusual installations. Therefore, the quality needs to be supreme.

    How many Solar Panels do you need?

    When you have solar panel installers, then the number is a great deal. The power of electricity from solar panels depends on the size or the number of panels that you install. But, if the nominal power rating of your solar panel is high, then you only require a few panels. Therefore, while purchasing solar panel installers does check the nominal power rating. 

    In case you have large roof space, then invest in cheaper solar panels and use a large quantity of them to increase efficiency. The area that solar panels generally cover is about 1.6 to 2 square meters. They can vary in length, width, and power output.

    What size Solar Panels work best for you?

    The size of the solar panel installers depends on your requirement for electricity and the period when you use it. In general, a home requires 20kWh of energy in a single day. Therefore, in such a home a solar system of 5kW will do the necessary. 

    Currently, it is advisable to put solar panels on your entire roof according to the budget. It is because solar power is now becoming the new normal and affordable. Even if your solar panel installers provide extra electricity, either it goes back into the grid or the home storage battery.

    If you are the owner of an electric vehicle, then the need for solar panels increases. Solar would provide you with cheap electricity that efficiently charges your car.

    Can you Save Money Using Solar Panels?

    Talking about the savings from solar panel installers. One has to invest two to seven years to get the money put on solar panels back. And after these years you can count on the savings from solar panels. The savings that you receive from solar panel installers in depends on the geographical conditions of your area. 

    Environmental Benefits of Solar Panels

    If you choose the correct solar panel installers, you not only benefit your pocket but the environment too. Following are a few environmental benefits of solar panels-

    1. Solar panels are an excellent way to reduce pollution. Solar energy does not emit gases like carbon dioxide, methane, etc. Therefore, it keeps the climate healthy.
    2. The solar panel is helpful as it reduces the extra usage of water. As the traditional ways to generate electricity require plenty of water. Therefore, solar eradicates the need.
    3. Solar is an efficient way to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels.
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