The future of cars is here with MG Hector: The Internet Car with inbuilt iSmart Next Gen

    We’re already into the era of smart gadgets. There was a time when tech worked via buttons, then came the age when buttons were replaced with touch. But, now, all you have to do is talk to the gadgets to make them work for you. Morris Garages, keeping the trend in mind, has incorporated its brand-new Car MG Hector with the best tech available as of today, iSmart Next Gen. The tech was unveiled through a launch event on 2nd April, 2019 at JW Marriott, New Delhi where Rajeev Chaba, President and MD, MG Motor India explained various features of the iSmart Technology alongside representatives from every partnering company behind the tech.

    Morris Garages was established in 1924 by Cecil Kimber by building sporting version of Morris Cars, calling it The Old Number One. MG has never looked back since and with coming years involved itself in great innovation, finally leading up to 2019 where they bring first true Internet Car.

    The future of cars is here with MG Hector: The Internet Car with inbuilt iSmart Next Gen 7

    The versatility of the tech can be comprehended from the fact that apart from MG Motors, there are, not one, not two, but 14 partnering companies which are behind the development and functioning of this tech. I’m sure you’re already pumped up and want to hear about all the features. So, let’s not waste anymore time and take a look at what it is actually capable of doing.

    MG Technology Partners

    The Big Brain

    Like we have a brain that controls our appropriate functioning, the AI behind this tech has a brain too. However, what’s commendable about the head unit is that it is sized at 10.4”, the largest among others of its kind. Since, the use of smartphones is preferable in a vertical mode, MG decided to place a vertical screen where no only you can find all the information you need, you can also control various functions with touch. Though, why would you require touch when you can simply give a verbal order?

    The beauty of every AI is in its ability to learn and adapt, like a normal human. It will be useless unless it is connected to the internet and can learn. Thus, MG partnered with Airtel to power the head unit with an embedded Machine to Machine (M2M) eSim. This works on IPV6 and is 5g ready. No other car till date has such a sim. So, wherever you go your car is always connected. In fact, the iSmart tech works well even in low or no network zones.

    The head unit is not only beautiful in appearance, it also comes preloaded with several themes for you to chose from. Also, there is preloaded entertainment content which gets updated regularly over the air.

    Rajeev Chaba explaining features of MG Hector iSmart technology

    Over the Air Updates

    The OTA feature is introduced in India for the first time by MG India. Earlier the software updates were only available when you take your car to a service station. OTA feature enables the MG Cars to get updated as soon as the updates are available, something similar to smart gadgets. The updates would receive new themes, infotainment content and map apart from OS and firmware updates. These updates will also receive new features and upgrades from time to time. MG claims that it will bring several new features to the table in future, some that are even unimaginable at present.

    Cyber Security and privacy

    With everything connected through internet, cyber security remains a major concern for the consumers. MG understands the same and uses Microsoft Azure Cloud DC as its data partner, where the data related to vehicle and driver would be stored. Azure provides an impregnable protection to both the system and the data stored on its servers. Like other features cyber security will also receive Realtime OTA updates.

    Hello MG: The voice assistant

    Now, everything that we have talked about would be useless if MG iSmart system couldn’t hear you and act upon it. The AI based Voice assistant comes with over 100 voice commands to control the car. You can give commands for sun roof, windows control, Climate control, navigation, radio control and inbuilt music among other things. For developing the AI assisstant MG partnered with  Nuance and is trained for Indian English and varying accents. Also, it has the capability to learn and customize itself after every use.


    All the above-mentioned features are great and useful, but there is one thing that is of utmost importance. Indian roads can be rough, and Indian traffic hazardous. MG cars would arrive with this E-call feature, an emergency response system which will get triggered as soon as airbags are deployed. The system messages a response team at Pulse hub (the call center of MG India) with the exact location. Pulse hub would call the head unit. If no response, then it will call the owner, and if no response still, then the emergency contact. This will ensure that appropriate emergency measures are taken care of at the earliest.

    Pulse hub and i-Call

    You can press the i-Call button and the concierge services by the MG pulse hub will call you on your phone to enquire about how they can help.

    The future of cars is here with MG Hector: The Internet Car with inbuilt iSmart Next Gen 8

    Maps and Navigation

    MG India has partnered with TomTom for its comprehensive and expanding maps and navigation experience. TomTom already has a network of 600 M vehicles around the globe, which enables them to keep their maps updated and produce real time traffic data. TomTom offers a feature called IQMaps which will make it easier to locate and navigate.

    Premium Music with Gaana

    MG Hector iSmart comes with a preinstalled Gaana App along with a premium account to enable you to enjoy unlimited free music and download capability. Gaana app is customized for the 10.4” of screen to offer added features and detailed song artworks.

    Weather from Accuweather

    The partnership with accuweather enables the consumers to receive realtime weather update, so that they can take necessary actions accordingly.

    MG Mobile app

    Another brilliant feature that comes with MG Hector is the iSmart mobile app with a ton of features. You can install this app on your phone to control various functions remotely as well. This app can locate the car, check whether it is locked or not along with several other features like:

    • Vehicle scan for checking several predefined parameters
    • Lock status and locking/unlocking remotely
    • Fuel levels and vehicle range
    • Switching on climate control (AC) beforehand if the car has been standing in the sun
    • Finding the car through honking, blinking lights or manually walking to it
    • Set geo-fencing, helpful when your loved one is travelling in the car
    • Abnormal tyre pressure notification
    • Security alerts
    • Vehicle management
    • Create travel plan and add it to the vehicle
    • iSmart Smart Drive helps users to drive smartly
    • Speed alert
    • MG Network information
    • Departure notification

    Superb buying experience with the help of SAP

    While driving is a wholesome experience, it can sometimes be ruined when you go to buy your favorite car but the sales support isn’t helpful. MG India has partnered with SAP to develop the most advanced front-end ERP solution for a seamless user experience.


    The future of cars is here with MG Hector: The Internet Car with inbuilt iSmart Next Gen 9

    Morris Garages has come up with a brilliant tech for its upcoming car MG Hector. It has an advanced AI which can respond to not only touch but verbal commands as well. There are a lot of rich features to enhance security, privacy and user experience which will not only make your ride secure and comfortable, but also entertaining.

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