10 Tips to Harness Glowing Skin during the Summer Months

    The summer months have arrived, and while we enjoy backyard barbecues, beach trips, and fun in the Sun, we sometimes forget just how bad the heat and humidity can be for our skin! Oily skin and clogged pores are abundant in hot, sweltering summer weather, and along with them come those dreaded breakouts! The importance of maintaining a proper skincare routine during the summer months is paramount to preserving the luminance of your skin!

    Summer Can Wreak Havoc on Skin

    It’s no secret! Anyone that’s spent time out in the summer sun knows just how much damage it can do to your complexion and the quality of your skin. It can also exacerbate already present skin issues like:

    Athlete’s Foot

    – Moisture that’s typically not present in colder, less humid months can allow the development of Athlete’s foot, a fungal condition that causes cracks and blisters between the toes and under the feet.

    Tinea Fungal Infections

    – These itchy and infectious skin diseases include ringworms that target areas with many folds in the skin like armpits and thighs. They can also include tinea capitis, a scalp condition causing flaky patches, and onychomycosis, a fungus found under the nails.


    – A skin infection that contains pus


    – A highly contagious bacterial infection known for causing red sores


    – Another infectious skin condition, Scabies, is contracted small mites burrow beneath the host’s skin, causing particularly troublesome irritation, rashes, and itching.


    – A skin condition where the skin is exceedingly dry, causing itchiness and red patches on the skin. Asthmatic patients are at an increased risk of developing this condition.

    10 Tips to Harness Glowing Skin during the Summer Months

    Skin conditions can be irritating, painful, and can prove especially troublesome during the hotter months of the year. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best methods to help your skin beat the heat and recapture its natural glow.

    1. Sunscreen

    We’ve known this one for a while! Wearing SPF-appropriate sunscreen is an absolute necessity any time you’re in the Sun, regardless of the time of year. This is particularly true during the summer months. UV damage from the Sun can cause accelerated aging, sunspots, and even cancer.

    2. Wash Your Face Regularly

    This is another vital facet to your skin’s health! Developing a skincare routine that involves gently washing the face with warm water each night can do wonders for your overall skin’s appearance. Cleansing your pores of debris, salt and oils lets your skin properly breathe, evening out your skin tone and bringing a youthful luster back to your face!

    3. Exfoliation

    Another significant factor in maintaining your skin’s radiance is taking steps to exfoliate properly. This should be performed approximately once a week to strip away dead skin and pollutants from your skin. However, exfoliation should be done gently and sparingly! Over-exfoliation can cause irritation, breakouts and can exacerbate acne issues.

    4. Moisturizing

    The summer heat can deprive the skin of its natural hydration, so it’s imperative to replace that lost moisture directly by using lotions and moisturizers regularly. Properly hydrated skin will appear more supple, full, and healthy-looking.

    5. Staying Hydrated

    This is, hands down, the most crucial facet of maintaining the health of your skin! Our bodies require an ample supply of water to function, and our skin is no different. Drinking plenty of water can do more for your skin’s quality than all the other tips combined.

    6. Balanced Diet

    Our diet has a massive effect on our skin’s appearance. Eating foods heavy in fat and grease can cause the skin to produce excess oils that clog pores and cause breakouts, blemishes, and even acne.

    7. Wear Closed Footwear Sparingly

    Wearing closed-toed footwear during the hottest parts of summer can cause your feet to sweat and develop conditions that are supportive of fungal growth. And regardless of what type of fungus it is, you don’t want it! Wearing open-toed sandals and footwear allows your skin to breathe, reducing sweat and those pesky infections that come with it!

    8. Toning

    Toners can help remove debris from your facial pores, restoring the natural PH balance and promoting a more even appearance. Avoiding alcohol-based toners, which can dry out your skin, is a must!

    9.  Refrain From Touching Your Face

    We’re all guilty here! Over the day, you’re tempted to touch your face hundreds of times. And with each touch, you’re transferring dirt, oils, and germs from your fingertips to your face, causing bacterial growth, breakouts, and a whole host of other skin conditions.

    10.  Regular Hair Washing

    Your hair produces oil that, if not cleaned regularly, can find its way to the skin on your face, causing irritation and clogged pores.

    Helpful Home Remedies

    Keeping your skin bright, vibrant, and healthy doesn’t always mean a trip to the store! There are plenty of home remedies that can help you rejuvenate your skin’s appearance:

    – Almond Oil and Aloe Vera

    Both almonds and aloe vera are great for hydrating dry, patchy skin. Replenish lost moisture with this quick and easy solution. Combining them with a cool base like crushed banana can do wonders for the skin.


    Avocados, a superfood, are chock full of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins that can help bring moisture back to dry, irritated skin.

    Turmeric, Lemon, and Rosewater

    Combining these ingredients into a thick paste does wonders for tired, irritated skin. Turmeric manages your microbiome, reducing bacteria that gets into your pores and causes breakouts.

    Must-Have Products to Prepare for a Summer of Healthy, Glowing Skin

    With the summer heat upon us, it’s imperative to develop a routine to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. But where to start? There are so many different products on the market that it can be difficult to find what’s right for you. We’ve narrowed it down to a list of must-have items that can help you stay on top of your skincare regime during the summer.

    You will need:

    ·         Cleansers: To remove debris, germs and impurities from your skin.

             Toners: Another method of clearing dirt, makeup and grime from your face. Especially useful for cleaning makeup 

        Moisturizer: Lotions and moisturizers are absolutely necessary to replace moisture that’s depleted from the Sun’s heat.

           Sunscreen: Another absolute must for your skin’s health! UV rays are an ever-present threat anytime you’re out in the Sun, so protect your skin with appropriate level sunscreens. 

           Lip Balm: Your lips are no different than the rest of your face and require ample protection from the elements. Lip balms and glosses help your skin retain the moisture necessary to function. 

         Face Washes: This is an especially important aspect of keeping your skin clear in the summer months. Buying the correct type of face washes can have immensely beneficial results.


    Summer is just as hard on your skin as some of the most frigid winds of winter. Therefore, it’s important to maintain habits that contribute to your skin’s overall health and radiance. You only have one! Staying away from harsh sunlight for extended periods, keeping properly hydrated, regularly washing, and thorough moisturizing routines can reduce blemishes, unsightly marks, and halt breakouts in their tracks.

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