Will Travel Industry revive post second wave of the COVID pandemic

    According to the World Travel and Tourism Council report,The travel and Tourism Industry accounted for 6.8% of the total economy of India in 2020, and it also gave rise to 8% in the employment sector. It also achieved 35-40 % revenue in Fiscal year-20,pre-pandemic.There are approximately 860 International Air Transport Association (IATA) affiliated agents in India. When the pandemic hit, the Travel and Tourism Industry endured an economically crippling disaster.

    The travel and tourism industry is one of the topmost contributors to the global economy. The pandemic has disrupted the entire lifestyle. With the anxiety of the pandemic and the strict guidelines of the government, it was hard to travel outside. Construction & Real Estate, Hospitality, Automation, Travel and Tourism, and Aviation are among the top sectors affected by the pandemic. According to the study conducted by CII-Hotelivate, the Travel and Tourism industry seems to lose around ₹5 trillion or $65.57 billion.

    How the pandemic impacted the Travel and Tourism Industry?

    To combat the pandemic, Governments had implemented heavy travel restrictions throughout the world. They had shut down their borders for International Tourists to avoid the spread of the virus. According to the Pew Research report,93% of the world’s population now live in countries with covid related travel restrictions. As the travel industry was not in operation, the Livelihood of people who were dependent on the Travel industry was massively affected. Restaurants in tourist places that rely upon tourists also experienced an economic crisis. Some eateries had shut down permanently as they couldn’t afford the loss. This impact on the travel industry has raised the unemployment rate. Women who make up to 54% of the workforce in the travel sector have endured a substantial job loss. The number of women employees in the leisure and hospitality sector reduced from 8,979,000 to 6,939,000 in January 2021. Countries that were solely dependent on the Travel and Tourism industry and the places such as heritage sites, museums, and national parks have endured economic turmoil.

    What changes can we expect in the travel industry post the second wave of covid-pandemic?

    1)Vaccination Passports

    Vaccination passports are digital documentation that serves as a certification for a fully vaccinated person to determine they are safe to visit a country. one can link the vaccination passports with their Travel passport. Israel was the first country to implement vaccination passports. The European Union has launched them in July, and it addresses them as “Green passports”.Vaccination passports will reduce pandemic-associated anxiety. Depending upon the country you are planning to visit, check the mandatory status of vaccination passports.

    2)Importance of hygiene

    Travel will never be the same. Thanks to a pandemic, Now we have to strengthen our hygiene measures while traveling. There would be restrictions on crowds, increased sanitization, and temperature checks everywhere. Passengers would opt for limited spacing in airlines and transports to ensure their safety.

    3)Introduction of New Technologies in the Travel Industry

    Because of the need for contactless services, Travel technologies are likely to increase. Contactless toilets, Digital ID are some of the trending contactless technologies.Automation Technologies such as cleaning robots will also make a good impact on safe travel in the future. The use of digital wallets has also increased since the pandemic.

    4) Increase in the number of customized trips.

    Due to the concern of safety, travelers will opt for customized trips.

    It will help the travel agencies in India to regain their business slowly.

    5) Higher number of Road trips.

    Due to the social distancing and travel restrictions, people would opt for road trips more.

    6)Traveling for mental health

    Since people were under strict lockdown and haven’t traveled nearly for two years, More people would be traveling since the lockdown was lifted. Since the borders of countries are open now, international travel will rise further.

    How to Travel safe

    • Research well about your destination and restrictions
    • Opt for safe customized trips.
    • Get fully vaccinated
    • Always wear your masks
    • Avoid overcrowded places
    • If possible, apply for a Travel insurance
    • Maintain Social Distancing
    • Sanitize properly

    The Tamilnadu government has set a committee for revival plans in the tourism sector. All the Tourist places in Tamilnadu will follow a strict covid-19 Protocol as issued by the government. Hopefully,Tamilnadu Tours and Travel Industry will revive soon.

    After the relaxation of covid-19 restrictions in India, the people have resumed traveling. They even started to Revenge Travel. In Manali and Shimla, tourists are flooding over. After being stuck in homes for months, The change of space would help to ease their stress.

    Since the Covid cases have declined in India, Countries like Germany, Canada, and the Maldives started admitting travelers from India, with rules and regulations.

    Pandemic has seriously affected the Travel and Tourism industry. It will take time to recover from the damage, but the new technology and the safety measures give hope for the future.

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