6 Acne Products You Should Be Using Everyday

    Acne tends to carry a lot of stigmas, yet this common skin condition affects around 85% of all people between the ages of 12 and 24. You can also have these frustrating blemishes pop up at every stage in life. Adding these products to your daily routine can help you clear your skin and feel more confident about your appearance again.

    Remove Daily Grime With a Non-Irritating Cleanser

    Hormones are often to blame for skin problems, and this usually comes down to the way that they increase the skin’s oil production. Teens and people going through perimenopause or pregnancy are especially vulnerable to suddenly discovering changes in their skin that includes excess oil build-up. This can then lead to an issue of more dirt and other particles accumulating on your skin where they can clog your pores. Using a daily cleaner that is designed for people with acne can help you keep your skin cleaner so that you are less likely to get clogs that lead to pimples.

    Use Toner to Reduce Clogged Pores

    Washing your face with warm water and a good cleanser helps to open up your pores. While this is great for getting dirt out of your pores, you don’t want to leave them open where more grime can enter. After you wash your face, you’ll want to apply a toner that helps to close the pores back up. Astringents also have the additional benefit of helping to remove more oil from your skin.

    Smooth-On a Probiotic Serum

    Many of the most commonly used acne products are designed to remove and kill off bacteria on your skin that is responsible for those minor skin infections that cause pustules to erupt with your acne. Unfortunately, the antibacterial ingredients in many acne products can also kill off the good acne that helps to preserve your skin health. Probiotics for acne are available in serum form that allows you to replenish the good bacteria so that your skin’s microbiome remains as close to the way it naturally should as possible. Hydrating serums that contain probiotics are also an effective way to moisturize your skin when you have acne.

    Wear a Noncomedogenic Sunscreen

    Acne-prone skin is vulnerable to inflammation, which can lead to more breakouts. All it takes is a light sunburn to create dead skin and swelling in your pores that makes acne worse. While you might not want to layer thick products on your skin, you’ll still need to wear sunscreen on your skin on a daily basis, and you may need to reapply it throughout the day. Look for a sunscreen that lists being non-comedogenic on the label. This means that it shouldn’t clog your pores. Since many sunscreens are heavy and contain pore-clogging ingredients, being mindful of the type you choose can help you avoid breakouts and skin damage from the sun’s UV rays.

    Find a Gentle Daily Exfoliator

    Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells that can clog your pores, and it goes a further step towards preventing acne by helping to keep your skin clean. When your skin is inflamed, you’ll want to avoid using harsh exfoliants that include microbeads and other abrasive materials that can break your skin. Instead, look for a daily exfoliator that is designed for people with acne that contains ingredients that help to break down dead skin cells so that they can be washed away. Avoiding scrubbing your face with harsher products helps you to reduce inflammation and avoid disrupting blemishes that could scar if they get popped.

    Apply Spot Treatments As Needed

    Over time, you should see acne begin to clear up provided that you stick to your skincare routine. However, it is still common for the occasional blemish to appear. Applying strong acne medications to all of your skin can further kill off the good bacteria that prevent infections. This is easily avoided by choosing to use topical spot treatments that allow you to put the medicine only where you need it. These treatments are typically used in the evening, but you can also find ones that are designed to blend in with your skin if you prefer to use them during the day.

    Acne requires a delicate balance of using products that remove excess grime that clogs pores without completely stripping away the natural protective layers of your skin. Making sure to replenish healthy oils and bacteria makes it easier for your skin to heal and stay clear of unwanted blemishes.

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