7 Personal hygiene tips for men to be more attractive

    Personal hygiene is the first step in good health and looks. A day starts with personal hygiene like brushing teeth, taking shower, wearing washed clothes, and many others. We all follow simple and daily hygiene steps in our life to stay healthy and fit.

    There are many other hygiene tips men should follow to be more attractive. These tips will keep you away from health problems. These tips will make you realize how important they are, and they will make you feel good about yourself. They help keep you away from viruses, illness-causing germs, and bacteria.

    In this article, we will discuss 7 personal hygiene tips for men to more attractive. Keep reading to know more about them:

    Clean hair

    For healthy and beautiful hair, you must wash your hair regularly. You should oil your hair regularly and wash it with shampoo. It is advisable to wash your hair at least two to three times a week. 

    You must take regular haircuts every month so that there is no split end. It will keep your hair healthy and clean as well. If your hair is dry and frizzy, you must oil them before every wash so that it can retain its shine back. Also, if you are facing any issue related to dandruff, you must get rid of it before it causes any further issues.

    Cleaner hands

    All of us have learned in 2020 due to coronavirus that keeping hands clean is vital for our health. Unclean hands lead to many health problems. Washing hands is not the only thing you should do to keep your hands clean and hygienic.

    There are several things you must do to keep your hands clean and hygienic like washing them more often, cutting nails regularly, using hand sanitizer gel or spray when you cannot wash your hands, and use hand cream to keep them soft. These things will make sure that you won’t carry any germs so that it won’t affect your health.

    Use deodorants or perfumes

    It is a must that you use deodorant or perfume after a shower. Smelling bad is one of the major drawbacks that can spoil your personality in front of others. Stinking is a turn-off for any woman, and if you want to impress someone, you must smell good.

    Choosing the right fragrance is as vital as spraying them. A fragrance should be good enough for your personality. Your first impression should be impactful, and smelling good is one of the major parts of it. You can use a few face packs and scrubber once or twice a month according to your skin type.

    Face hygiene

    Generally, men don’t care about their faces and their hygiene. Using a face wash and moisturizer is vital for face hygiene. You must wash your face with facewash at least twice a day and use a face cream or moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized. 

    Beard Hygiene

    Beard hygiene is equally vital, and you must know the products you should use to keep your beard hair clean and hygienic. Washing your beard with a beard shampoo or wash will not only keep your beard clean but healthier as well.

    Intimate hygiene

    One of the most vital things you should be careful about is intimate hygiene. Trimming is necessary for good hygiene. You must use intimate hygiene products to keep the intimate area clean and dry. You must follow a routine of using intimate hygiene products daily.

    Clean ears

    Cleaning ears is essential for your hygiene. Some men take shower, but forget to clean their ear and the wax in it while taking shower. You must clean your ear regularly by earbuds. You should take a damp cloth to clean the area around-ear and behind the ear as well.


    These are the 7 most vital personal hygiene tips for men to be more attractive. These are very common personal hygiene tips you should follow to stay hygienic. Follow these tips regularly, and you will see the change in your life in terms of cleanliness. Also, with the help of these tips, you’ll be able to attract more ladies towards you. Staying hygienic is a necessity, not a forceful thing.

    Blake Paut
    Blake Paut
    Blake paut is a blogger and freelancer. He is also a travel and art enthusiast.

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