5 Tip for keeping your kids fit, healthy and active this fall

As a parent, your child’s health and wellbeing will be your number one priority. Keeping your kids fit and active can be a challenge, especially when there are all kinds of electronics that provide ready entertainment. Regular physical activity is vital for their health, wellbeing, and development. So, as temperatures begin to drop and fall season arrives, here are five tips to keep your kids fit, healthy and active.

Lead by Example

Most children follow their parents’ lead. So, if you’re lounging around on the sofa after work, you can’t expect your kids to be interested in exercise. Regular physical activity can benefit you too, such as by improving your cardiovascular health, strengthening muscles and joints, as well as help you manage your weight better. Whether you go for a run around the block, work out from home, or involve your kids, there are tons of exercises that you can do as a family.

Focus on Food

With your kids now back at school, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to what they’re eating. What you put in your child’s lunchbox can have a huge effect on their health and development. If kids had their way, they would gorge on tons of junk food. So, it’s your job to promote healthy eating and pack their lunch box and dinner plate with plenty of vegetables and foods packed with protein. While fast food is convenient for many working parents, you should focus on filling their plate with healthier alternatives and let them eat processed food as a treat.

Make Chores Fun

If your kids are old enough, getting them involved with the household chores can be a great way to keep them fit and active. Whether it’s cleaning the yard, doing the laundry, or vacuuming, there are tons of household chores that can encourage exercise. To keep your kids interested, you can set challenges and missions, as well as provide rewards for their hard work.

Limit Screen Time

In this day and age, many children spend a lot of their time behind a screen. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or television, you should limit the amount of screen time they have. There are dangers associated with blue light that can be harmful to your kids. So, hiding the electronics and swapping them for exercise is crucial for their mind and body.

Find Fun Activities

Kids need to be stimulated when exercising. To keep your children happy and focused, you need to find activities that match their personality. Whether you play sports in the backyard, host an arts and crafts session, or purchase an activity kit from Skillastic, make sure that you sit down with your kids and discuss their likes and interests beforehand.

Regular exercise is critical for your child’s physical and mental health. Thirty minutes of activity a day can improve your kid’s fitness, concentration levels, and academic scores. If you’re struggling with what to do, there are lots of handy tips above that can help encourage your child to exercise.

5 Tip for keeping your kids fit, healthy and active this fall 3
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