A Roundup Of Beauty Brands That You Love To Try

    With so many beauty brands around, it has become increasingly difficult to choose the one that suits the skin and doesn’t create a hole in the pocket. We know, it is overwhelming. Adding to the woes is our busy lives. Who has time to look for that one brand? Hence we have prepared a list so that you don’t have to. It is short but will surely help you.

    Here is the roundup of the beauty brands that you love to try. We can bet, there’s nothing better.

    100% Pure

    This California based beauty brand is all you have been secretly wishing for all your life. They do not use any artificial colors, just high quality nutrient filled ones. Don’t believe us, try its pomegranate lipstick. It smells like pomegranate not because of the artificial fragrance, but because of the natural oils derived from the fruit. Their BB creams and other products are equally good. Won’t you try?

    Blossom Jeju

    It is one of the most popular beauty brands worldwide, well known for its use of camellia flower which is fully loaded with antioxidants. One of its star products include Blossom Jeju Soombi Cleansing Oil. The best part – it is lightweight and has a mild aroma. It is not only good for hydrating the skin, but also extremely useful for removing waterproof makeup. It moisturizes in addition to making your skin feel and look soft.

    RMS Beauty

    This beauty brand uses only nourishing organic ingredients. It is important as whatever you  apply on your skin should make your skin better rather than doing the reverse. And what better than food grade ingredients. The manufacturers claim that unlike others, they do not heat the oils (a process that kills antioxidants, vitamins and minerals). Try its lip and skin balm. It infuses amino acids, is antibiotic and antibacterial. Hence aids in healing dry, aging lips and boosts cell turnover. Above all, a well-known makeup artist Rose Marie recommends the brand highly. Have you applied their luminizers yet?Go for them.

    Skyn Iceland

    All the products are free of mineral oil, sulphates and parabens. Its natural, deeply hydrating soothing formula is second to none in helping you manage a stressful skin. We aren’t boasting, but we do know that you will love Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. Why? You cannot have anything better than this to cure eye bags and dark circles. The various resources it delves into include berries (antioxidants), algae (soothing) and Angelica archangelica (immune system). Hence, it fights aging in all ways possible. So adult acne, irritation, dryness, and dullness will stay afar. And you have a bonus too – it’s vegan.


    Hunting for some effective anti aging products? This beauty brand is the one for you. The face oil draws its potency from frankincense. a rare and invaluable herb forming the basis of the brand UMA. Specifically the anti aging oil that balances skin’s pH and encourages cell production paving way for new cell formation. Another oil – juniper berry oil controls environmental damage. Vitamin C reduces fine lines, lightens age spots and so on. The packaging in glass bottles makes it even more enticing. Wouldn’t you want to try it?

    Bite Beauty

    As the name goes, so does its products. This brand derives its inspiration from the kitchen chemistry. Their lip pencils come with an amazing moisture locking ability so that your lips don’t get dry and are extremely long lasting. We better not say anything about their aroma, you will love to put them on. Some women even swear by eating half of their lip colors. They are actually so tempting. If they are good enough to eat, they are definitely good enough for your lips and skin that absorbs everything. It has resveratrol too, an anti aging effect for the lips. What say?


    Haven’t heard before? Well, it is that one brand you should know about like ASAP. The serum concentrates are the best thing produced by them for a problematic skin. Those tiny bottles are full of plant extracts and oils all known for healing some or the other skin problem. Problems they cater to range from dehydration, hyperpigmentation to clogged pores. Add one or two drops and kill the problem head on.


    This is really an underrated brand. Though not so old, but is definitely one of the brands you should look forward to for all your skincare needs. From Revitol anti aging moisturizing cream to Revitol acnezine, from eye cream to hair removal, from cellulite solution to rosacea. The products contain ingredients that are scientifically studied for their ability to help skin heal the condition they are made for. What else can one ask for?

    Is there anything that has caught your fancy? Take it home now!

    Pauline Simons
    Pauline Simons
    Pauline Simons is a skin care expert. She loves to share my knowledge and experience with people. Read her write ups on health and skin care on websites/blogs or reach out for an expert advice on the best skin care treatments.

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