How to Determine the Cause, Signs, and Treatment of Memory Loss

    We cannot deny the fact that memory loss is common nowadays. It has an effect on people in any way. Most of the time, we consider it as momentary and brief memory failure. However, if it already happens in a regular instance, it is better to know and dig deeper into it. It would be wise enough to know its causes, symptoms and how to cure it as early as now.


    Losing memory may it be briefly or not, has tons of reasons but here are some of the most common:



    A significant amount or number of over-the-counter medicine and prescriptions may be one of the reasons of loss of memories. These are the results by these culprits: antihistamines, tranquilizers, sleeping pills and some pain reliever that a doctor gives to a patient after a certain surgery or operation.

    Alcohol, drugs and tobacco use


    Beer Growler

    We all know that too much intake of alcohol is one of the causes of memory loss. Smoking delays the delivery and reduces the total amount of oxygen that reaches the brain. Studies result that non-smokers are most likely to identify people with names rather than those who do. Illegal drugs may also contain chemicals that hinder the mind from remembering.

    Sleep deprivation

    How to Determine the Cause, Signs, and Treatment of Memory Loss 1

    Sleep plays a vital role in memory, either by quality or by quantity. Not getting enough sleep or walking at night frequently may lead to fatigue. Unsurprisingly, fatigue is a huge factor in the brain’s consolidation and retrieving information.

    Depression and stress

    Paying attention and focusing is hard when a person is depressed, which also can affect memory. Stress and agitation can also interfere in the way we concentrate. When your mind is distracted, and when you are tense, your capability as a person to remember suffers. Stress that origins from an emotional distress may also be the root of memory loss.

    Nutritional Insufficiency

    High-quality vitamins, proteins, and fats are all part of proper nutrition. And good food is also a factor in making your brain function properly. Vitamins B1 and B12 particularly, are good vitamins to improve brain function.

    Injury in the head

    A bad head injury may it be an accidental hit or a vehicular accident. It can still injure the brain. It may cause either short- or long-term loss of memory. Other people think that a limitless brain pill can cure this. Nevertheless, the memory may still improve slowly.


    When the supply of blood to the brain cannot pass through due to the obstruction of a blood vessel, that causes Stroke. As a result of stroke, it may also lead to short-term memory failure. For example, a person who suffered from Stroke recently may remember a series of events in his teenage years but may forget what he ate for breakfast.



    You may think that “Dementia” is so medical. Let us give you what that means. Dementia is the consecutive memory loss and other features in the way we think. Its severity makes it hard for a person suffering from it to perform his or her daily tasks.

    In spite of the fact that Dementia causes are different reasons such as alcohol and drug intake and disease in the blood vessel, the most common disease is the one that we call “Alzheimer’s disease.”

    You can distinguish this by the consecutive brain cell loss and other abnormalities in the brain. Sometimes, you may also think that limitless pills may cure these ailments.

    Aside from those mentioned above, there are also other possible causes of short-term and long-term loss of memory, and that may include abnormal inactivity and hyperactivity of the thyroid gland and diseases namely HIV, syphilis, and tuberculosis that has an adverse impact on the brain.


    After having dinner, you realize that you’re forgetful these past few days and it’s already affecting your daily life. It would be best to schedule a doctor’s appointment to ascertain the cause and the best treatment for it.

    To accurately diagnose if you are experiencing an ailment regarding memory loss, your doctor may check your medical history, may let you perform a neurologic and physical exam, and ask you a couple of questions to test your mental capability.


    Memory loss is not treated by one treatment or solution only. You may think that a new limitless pill may cure this or even ask yourself this question: “Is the drug from Limitless real?” but the treatment differs. The treatment varies depending on its cause. In most cases, medication may be the cure.

    Let’s say, for example, a change in therapy when it comes to memory loss caused by medications is the key. You may also be prescripted with nutritional supplements especially when the root of the disease is the insufficiency in nutrients. And for depression, it may be treated with therapy and counseling. In some other cases, memory improves over time.


    Some people incorporate memory loss to some unfortunate events such as accidents. But little did we know that there are tons of factors that affect our way of thinking and the functionalities of our brain. Some specialists also suggest a pill from Limitless to cure this, and some practitioners do not believe this. Regardless if these pills work, it is best to let yourself checked by your doctor to make sure you are treated or cured in a right way.

    Christine Taylor
    Christine Taylor
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